Mon. Dec 4th, 2023

The new version of Sophos Firewall with Xstream SD-WAN and its advancements in advanced VPN capabilities significantly improve network performance and flexibility. This has been advanced by Sophos. “Today’s globally distributed networks, coupled with the explosion in the use of cloud applications, are forcing many businesses to rethink their traditional WAN architectures,” said Raja Patel, senior vice president of products at Sophos.


New SD-WAN capabilities include: Xstream FastPath acceleration of Internet Protocol Security (IPsec) VPN traffic: New FastPath controls automatically push flows from SD-WAN tunnels through Xstream stream processors to devices in the network. XGS Series to accelerate trusted traffic, dramatically improving performance and protection by freeing up resources for encryption and decryption, as well as deep packet inspection. SD-WAN orchestration: A new management functionality in the Sophos Central console enables easy and automated orchestration of SD-WAN environments, enabling complex connectivities between different sites at once, and simplifying a task that could previously take hours to a few hours. Few minutes. SD-WAN Profiles with Multi-Gateway Support: A new SD-WAN link management option that enables seamless and efficient traffic routing through multiple WAN gateways based on performance, without affecting active connections on the network. interruption case. SD-WAN Performance Monitoring and Logging: New performance monitoring and logging tools provide unprecedented, real-time monitoring of SD-WAN link performance and routing metrics, including latency, jitter, and loss of packages.

New version of Sophos Firewall boosts network performance and flexibility

VPN enhancements that further simplify the orchestration of secure encrypted site-to-site and remote access tunnels include: VPN performance enhancements: The ability to manage IPsec and Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) VPN tunnels ) has increased up to five times, depending on the hardware model. VPN User Experience Enhancements: A streamlined management experience, new step-by-step wizards, and VPN log improvements make it easier and more intuitive to perform daily VPN configuration and management. Amazon Web Services (AWS) Hybrid Network Integration: A new tool makes it easy to connect inter-premise hybrid networks to an AWS Virtual Private Cloud (VPC).


Sophos Firewall is available for immediate purchase exclusively through Sophos’ global channel of partners and managed service providers (MSPs).

By Alvaro Rivers

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