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To eliminate varicose veins, we must first determine what varicose veins are, according to medical studies they are defined as those veins that are located in the most frivolous area of ​​the skin, dilated and that have a twisted irregularity. This is an inconvenience, since their problem is not only an aesthetic issue or one that damages physical appearance, but they are also detrimental to our health. It is the consequence of a very poor venous function, that its deficit does not allow it to produce and that causes an obstruction of the blood towards the veins, causing the veins to swell, fill up more with mass and lengthen, therefore, the areas affected will have poor circulation, and this usually occurs in the legs, so it could cause difficulties when walking. Keep in mind that a large percentage of the world’s population has varicose veins. Regardless of whether you are a man or a woman, both are affected equally and are at the same risk of suffering from varicose veins. Despite this, varicose veins are more frequent in women, with a percentage of up to 80% of women in the world suffering from this disease. For this reason we ask ourselves:

How do we eliminate varicose veins?

Although it is possible to eliminate any trace of varicose veins and also spider veins, if you suffer from the disease as such, varicose disease or worse, venous disease already in a chronic state, unfortunately there is no cure for it. So for the person who suffers from this disease, no matter how much they eliminate the varicose veins, they will always reappear and can be solved with a series of new treatments. exist two main ways to treat varicose veins: Through surgeryWith non-surgical treatments, much less invasive.

Different factors that can cause varicose veins

When dealing with varicose veins, we must bear in mind that there are several important factors when determining the cause, among which are: Those with an advanced age are at high risk of having varicose veins Family line, heredity is another reason why which many people contract it. Hormones, in women it happens due to menopause or pregnancy symptoms. Being overweight is a very common cause for varicose veins. Too much time standing.

Let’s talk about the best non-surgical technique

In the Madrid varicose vein clinic they apply a technique well known as ‘Super Medical Adhesive’, which is a completely new treatment that came to revolutionize the industry. The first to apply this method was the Center for Vascular Studies, of Spanish origin, being pioneers in this technique.

Medical adhesive for varicose veins

Now let’s talk a little more in detail about this method, it is about implanting a catheter inside the veins, through which a kind of glue will be transmitted that will join the interior panels of the varicose veins.
Thanks to these new methods and new techniques, it is possible to help people with this disease.

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