Sat. Sep 23rd, 2023

The orthodontics It has a reputation for being somewhat cumbersome, highly visible and easily recognizable at first glance. However, today this type of dental treatment is very advanced and gives users the possibility of opting for an equally efficient but much less striking technique: invisible orthodontics. Although you have already heard about it on more than one occasion, do you really know what it consists of? What are its main advantages? Next, we clear all doubts about it.

What is invisible orthodontics

The invisible braces It is an attractive alternative to the traditional brackets of the conventional methodology. Today you can access this system in any dental clinic in Santander that is up to date and allows you to solve practically the same pathologies as any other orthodontic treatment, such as bite problems or crowding. It stands out for doing it in a much more aesthetically discreet way. This solution is part of the great technological advances that have taken place in this field in recent years and has been consolidated with the intention of meeting the need of many patients to find a form of orthodontics that is less cumbersome and more subtle to the eye. These are procedures that are carried out using materials that are transparent color to go more unnoticed or in white so that they are camouflaged with the natural color of the teeth themselves.

The different types of invisible orthodontics today

There are currently several devices that have the quality of disguising the existence of orthodontics, so this makes it much more comfortable for patients to make a choice that is suit your needs, yes, always under the advice of specialists. These are whats main types of orthodontics invisible:
Ceramic braces. These are identical to traditional brackets, but with transparent colors or the same tone as the teeth.Clear aligners. They are small, plastic and transparent devices that are placed on the teeth just like splints. They are made to measure, can be removed and put on and work perfectly, although they take a little longer to do the complete repair.Lingual braces. They are devices that are placed on the back, so they are not visible to the naked eye, and the main difference with traditional ones is that they are thinner and adapted to this area of ​​the mouth.

The advantages of opting for invisible orthodontics

The most outstanding advantage, the main reason why many users opt for invisible orthodontics, is the point aesthetic. They hide better with the environment and are less conspicuous on a day-to-day basis. But, in addition to this, these systems have other benefits. Most of these devices can be removed at any given time to avoid the discomfort of having them in the mouth all day and facilitate hygiene, something that many patients find very practical. They are more comfortable devices than the traditional ones, they do not impede a normal life and they are less cumbersome during meals or when practicing sports.

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