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The management of a clinic or consultation involves dealing with certain issues in addition to the patients themselves, issues such as billing, organization of agendas and calendars, medical records, etc. Managing all of this in a traditional or manual way requires extra effort as well as many extra hours of work. For this reason, more and more doctors and specialists decide to incorporate medical software and automate these processes. A medical software in the cloud allows you to save a lot of time and a much more efficient management of your consultation. With this program for doctors, you will be able to manage medical records, reports, billing, account statements, compliance and appointment scheduling, and many more aspects that you think are relevant for the optimal functioning of your clinic. If you are interested in knowing more about software for medical clinics, continue reading… We will tell you what tools it should offer and the advantages of using them. We will introduce you to some of the best-known management programs, so you can choose between them.


If you are interested in reducing the time you spend on certain issues, and improving doctor-patient treatment, you need a program for medical offices that offers you the following: Software to manage medical agendas, either yours or that of your entire team .Automated reminders to avoid patient absenteeism. Easily access online medical records, as well as personalize them. It must be a medical billing software, which manages invoices and reflects the results. The data protection of your clinic, keeping the personal data of patients protected, with electronic documents and digital signature. These are just some of the most important points, but as we will see below, some medical center management software has other useful tools. Such as video call consultations, calendar synchronization, support or even free trials. Next, we will talk about some of the best-known clinical software.


docfav is one of the clinic management software available online. A program with which you can manage different aspects of your consultations, from any place and device. They have a very intuitive and easy-to-use management app that allows you to automate processes quickly and easily. It has a very wide range of functionalities, everything you need to improve the management of your query. Among them: Online agenda and calendar.Protection of your patients’ data.Automated reminders, via SMS, WhatsApp or free emails.Medical histories in the cloud.Medical billing program.Consultations by video call.Synchronization of calendars.Support 24/7. In addition, Docfav, despite the fact that its page has clear language and its functionalities are very intuitive, they offer you 24-hour support, to support you in any management or doubt. Undoubtedly a very complete program for doctors, both for clinics and for self-employed professionals who seek to free themselves and dedicate better treatment to their patients.


This software focuses on improving digital performance and bringing technology closer to people. It is a program with a reduced language, so that learning is simple. It helps with productivity, simplifying many processes. It may be a good option to digitize your clinic, but we recommend using specialized clinical software in the health field and, to a greater extent, in your specialty, since the functionalities will always be more adapted to what you are looking for.


Finally, we mention Nifty, another management software that is characterized by allowing remote collaborative work. It can be useful to manage projects, tasks and the communication itself between all the members of the clinic. This allows you to set goals and close meetings with the entire team, a way to automate all communication in your clinic. However, its functionalities are focused on managing other types of projects, so it is not a specialized program in the health field.


It is always advisable to opt for an option that allows you to try the clinical program, before buying. Only in this way will you know if the program is fully functional and intuitive, to provide you with speed in your procedures. In addition, in this way you will be able to verify that the functionalities adapt to the requirements of a clinic or medical office. We cannot ignore the importance of medical programs being focused on everything a doctor may need, and that it adjusts more specifically to their specialty. One of the programs that has the most complete free version is DocFav, a software with an unlimited free version, where you will have access to the last 1,000 citations. Start automating processes to improve doctor-patient care and relieve your team of administrative issues.

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