Fri. Dec 8th, 2023

The home care company ORO, known for brands such as Mistol or Starwax, has driven its digital transformation hand in hand with Canon. Thanks to the integration of Canon’s document management software, the company has carried out the digitization project of the financial department, optimizing the process of issuing delivery notes and approving invoices, as well as access to them from a file digitized, halving the time spent managing invoices. Companies must maintain a large historical file in order to comply with commercial, tax and money laundering prevention regulations. In the case of ORO, it had a voluminous paper file that not only took up space, but also made it extremely difficult to consult. “In processes such as the delivery note issuance, several copies of the same document were produced, which led to an enormous waste of paper and greater complications in relating the delivery notes to the purchase order and invoice,” says Elena Company, Business Controller in gold.

Thanks to the integration of Canon’s document management software, ORO has carried out the digitization project of the financial department

This fact implied an unnecessary investment of time by the employees and the risk of losing the documents. The context of the pandemic laid the foundations to promote this transformation process in which, after analyzing different alternatives, ORO opted for Canon to carry out the digitization of the entire archive of its financial department. Thanks to the invoice digitization service and the solution used, approved by the Tax Agency, the company was able to destroy all the paper in the history, with the consequent saving of space and with all the guarantees, by having certified digital invoices from that moment on.

Digitize workflow and boost collaborative work

In addition to moving from the historical paper file to the digital format, it was necessary to integrate a system that would allow the establishment of 100% digital workflows that would enable the continuation of the business and the process digitization project. “With teleworking, and with all the restrictions we have had due to COVID-19, we have followed a natural process of approving and posting invoices without leaving home. The challenge was to ensure that, even if we didn’t come to the office, we could move forward with the daily business management”, says Elena. Thanks to the document digitization process, ORO has managed to optimize its document management thanks to the automation of processes, promoting the collaborative work of those employees involved in the project. Now, the company is considering extending the use of the solution to new departments and business areas. For Aníbal Ayala, general director of ORO, “It has been a very efficient measure for all areas, especially for people who had to authorize invoices. The time dedicated to this task has been reduced by 50%”.

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