Mon. Dec 4th, 2023

Editorial: Television / Facebook / Twitter / YouTube / Instagram / News / Discord /Telegram One of the most anticipated series this year is House of the Dragon, a project that will serve as a prequel to what was seen in the successful Game of Thrones, and which will offer different novelties that will delight the audience, or at least that’s what its co-creator George RR Martin confirmed. House of the Dragon will arrive this year exclusively on HBO Max and continues to reveal information to increase the hype of all its fans, who are still waiting for any news.
The community will be able to see House Targaryen in all its splendor Fortunately for all of them, George RR Martin who wrote Fire & Blood, the book on which the series is based, commented on his personal online space Not a Blog that House of the Dragon will offer impressive battles, lots of dragons, and most of all, human conflict: “I watched previews of a couple more episodes of House of the Dragon, and was just as pleased as I was with previous episodes. Ryan and Miguel, and their cast and team, you’re doing a great job. Those of you who like complex, conflicting, gray characters (like me) will like this series. There will be a lot of dragons and battles, no doubt, but the backbone of the story will be the human conflicts, love and hate, character drama rather than action/adventure,” the author said.
The official WTTSpod t-shirts have arrived – GET YOURS HERE It is worth mentioning that the series will begin its plot 200 years before Game of Thrones and will focus on the Targaryen House, so quality work is undoubtedly expected as seen in Game of Thrones. We remind you that House of the Dragon will debut on HBO Max on August 21. What do you expect from this new series? Tell us in the comments. Stay informed on WTTSpod.
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