Fri. Dec 8th, 2023

Our eyes are very sensitive and are especially exposed to all kinds of aggression, much more so at a time when we spend hours looking at electronic devices, for work or leisure. Therefore, protecting eye health is essential, and it must be done from a very young age and even when there are no symptoms that the sight presents a problem. Taking care of our eyes is simple, does not require any effort, although with some precautions. It is also important to correct some harmful habits for them. The following are basic tips:

Trust only specialized sites

Today it is possible to buy online from contact lenses to eye hygiene products. It is important to do only on websites that offer guarantees, such as Vision Direct Spain. From them you can buy from discount colored contact lenses to cleaners or treatments with confidence.

Undergo regular reviews

It is not just about seeing well, but about preventing or detecting pathologies in time as harmful as glaucoma or retinopathy. Early detection is the key to successful treatment. You have to be especially cautious in case of family history. And, if symptoms such as double or blurred vision, flies or discomfort appear, you should see a specialist as soon as possible.

Properly protect the eyes

Solar radiation is very aggressive and can cause severe damage to the eyes. So, They must be protected both in winter and in summer.. Of course, always with approved glasses. And it is also necessary to protect the eyes with suitable glasses in those jobs in which there is a risk of eye injuries or when practicing certain sports.

Take care of eye hygiene

Especially in people with a tendency to suffer from blepharitis, with dry eyes or who wear contact lenses, adequate hygiene with specific products is of vital importance. The ideal is to always carry a small kit in your bag for emergencies, for example, to be able to hydrate your eyes in places with high heat.

watch out for screens

Excessive use of screens increases the risk of eye problems. Therefore, when working or enjoying those moments of leisure, it is convenient to take into account some precautions. On the one hand, keep devices at a suitable distance to prevent the onset of eye fatigue. On the other hand, it is essential take short breaks every twenty minutes and focus your eyes towards distant points, it is a very useful eye exercise.

Improve life habits

Quit smoking, eat a balanced diet rich in omega-3 fatty acids and vegetables, getting enough rest at night and doing some sport is good for health in general, but in a very particular way it is good for our eyes.

Other basic tips

In addition to the tips above, it is important to follow some other recommendations for good eye health: do not rub your eyes, avoid eye trauma, maintain good lighting at the time of working or studying or complying with the treatments prescribed by the ophthalmologist are some of them. Taking care of eye health is simple and requires no effort. In return, our vision will be kept in the best conditions for much longer. We must not forget that the eyes also age and that many of the problems they suffer from are irreversible.

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