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Facebook / Twitter / YouTube / Instagram / News / Discord / Forums / Telegram / WhatsApp Time has caught up with us and many gamers have already been counting on their passion for video games for decades. Of course, this also implies leaving consoles and video games behind, putting on the table the issue of preservation, so evaded by companies that in theory they should take the first step. Today, we are a long way from an initiative that adequately preserves gaming, but any progress is cause for hope and it seems that PlayStation will finally get down to business.

PlayStation founded a video game preservation team

Yesterday, Garrett Fredley, who under other circumstances would pass for a simple Twitter user, became a famous person in a matter of hours as the preservation scene drew attention to him. The reason? As he reveals on his Twitter account, his arrival at PlayStation to be part of a video game preservation team. According to what he revealed in his post, Fredley recently joined PlayStation as an engineer and is one of the first hires for the newly founded preservation team for Sony’s gaming division. Likewise, he pointed out that the preservation of video games is one of his great passions and now he will be able to continue with it in the professional field.

The history of many games released on PlayStation could be maintained

Until now, not much is known about the preservation team that PlayStation has formed or its scope. What is a fact is that the work will be under scrutiny because in recent years the Sony brand has received endless criticism for decisions, later corrected, regarding video games of past generations. It should be remembered that in June of this year the new version of PlayStation Plus will be launched and in its additional levels a library with PS, PS2 and PSP games will be offered, either via streaming or download. In the same way, there will be PS3 titles but in this case there was only talk of the game via streaming although the negative reaction of the fans could have resulted in a last minute change with PlayStation working on a correct emulation of the complex console with a view to Provide another option for users. Still here at WTTSpod.
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