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Robert Eggers’ film, El hombre del norte, leads the Spanish box office, but will it come to the world box office to recover its high budget?

north man It has been at the top of the ranking in its theatrical release in Spain, surpassing 800,000 euros in revenue in its first weekend in our country, achieving 19% of the total box office. The film by renowned director Robert Eggers has achieved the best average in all the cinemas and screens where it has been released, with a collection of 2,596 and 2,292 euros, respectively. a Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore demonstrates the support of the Spanish public for a type of cinema that goes beyond the formulas that usually lead the box office. A total of 116,000 viewers in Spain have enjoyed this weekend this epic Viking film starring Alexander Skarsgård and Anya Taylor-Joy along with Oscar winner Nicole Kidman, and Oscar nominees Ethan Hawke and Willem Dafoe, and the Bjork singer.

The data in the United States for Focus Features, Universal’s independent label, hasn’t been bad either, for an auteur film. The critically acclaimed flick has earned $12 million from 3,865 theaters over the weekend, enough to secure the No. 4 spot on the box office charts. scarce, considering that Robert Eggers’ film cost 10 times more than the average cost of an indie film. How much the film actually cost is up for debate; Eggers has been outspoken about his movie having a $90 million production budget. But there are those who dispute Eggers’ figures at the production company, saying privately that the final figure was closer to $70 million after accounting for tax incentives. Even so, it’s still a huge amount for a medieval Icelandic drama with rated R, one that isn’t necessarily intended to appeal to a mass audience. To complicate the budget, The Northman has done a lot of advertising through television commercials, billboards plastered in populated areas like Times Square. With such a large budget and rather meager box office receipts for a production of this size, The Northman looks set to be a waste of money for the studio, as well as a warning to watch the budgets of future productions.” In terms of original content, keeping the budget in check is paramount,” says Jeff Bock, box office analyst for Exhibitor Relations. “If it goes well, you can spend that money on the sequel.” Focus Features mitigated liability by co-producing and co-financing the film with New Regency. But The Northman needs to become a blockbuster in the rest of the world to avoid drowning any of the companies in the red. So far, The Northman has grossed just $11.5 million in 41 international markets, bringing its global tally to $23.5 million. In the United States, box office pundits predict the film will end its run in 30 to 40 million. And while critics have raved about the film, a “B” CinemaScore from viewers means word of mouth will only take it so far. Which means the film has a lot of ground to make up internationally. Box office experts estimate that The Northman has to make at least $140 million worldwide to cover its production budget. However, factoring in the millions spent on marketing means that a film like The Northman would probably need to make nearly $200 million to break even in its film career. In this case, Focus has a bit of financial flexibility due to Universal’s agreement with exhibitors to get movies onto digital platforms in as little as 17 days. So video-on-demand could be the studio’s lifeboat. Artistically, The Northman appears to be a hit, with critics raving about its visual style. Alexander Skarsgård, Nicole Kidman, Anya Taylor-Joy, Ethan Hawke, Björk and Willem Dafoe star in the film, based on the Amleth legend. For AV Club, reviewer Tomris Laffly wrote: “Eggers’ immersive approach and stylistic flair create one wild, applause-worthy combat scene after another. , reminding viewers why he is one of the most unique visual artists working today.” Additionally, the film showed that Eggers can work on a huge budget, which could be crucial for Universal if the director were interested in overseeing a franchise film. Internally, studio executives were thrilled with the film. But in today’s theatrical release landscape, traditional Hollywood actors can’t responsibly pump that much money into theatrical films if they want to make money as well as art. Since Focus is a small cog in a publicly traded media conglomerate like NBCUniversal, it’s pretty safe to assume they’re interested in the former, not just the latter. Other studios have successfully taken chances on less certain commercial prospects, such as the road movie Dog. A wild ride for Channing Tatum with 61 million grosses in the US and the Paramount sequel Jackass Forever with 57 million, because they managed to keep their budgets low. Regardless of the box office results and their budget in Focus they are very happy with the results, “We’re excited that such a bold and fearless film is resonating with audiences around the world,” said Lisa Bunnell, president of domestic distribution for Focus Features. “It is a great artistic achievement and a victory for us in the company. We have always believed in Robert Eggers’ unique vision as an innovative filmmaker, and we are thrilled to be on this journey with him.”

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