Fri. Dec 8th, 2023

When spring arrives, the hair begins to show some changes. One of the most frequent is hair loss greater than usual. For this reason, at this time of the year it is important to resort to treatments that can compensate for the effects of spring. At Icon D2 you will find hair care products that can accompany you perfectly at this time.

What factors affect hair loss during spring?

There are many factors that can lead to increased hair loss. From genetic factors to other psychological ones, such as stress. Hormonal factors, age, the use of certain medications, chronic infections, slimming diets or certain inadequate hygienic habits are also highlighted. Within these, work and emotional stress is one of the most determining, with greater hair loss being observed in the cases of people who are going through difficult times in their lives. In addition to the aspects mentioned above, within the conditions of the scalp we can mention the role of food. This is very important for health in general but also for hair health in particular. When the diet is not adequate, there can be a deficit of nutrients that are essential for capillary health, such as vitamins, trace elements and amino acids.

Ways to prevent hair loss in spring

As we have seen previously, hair loss tends to increase in the spring months and that should not be a cause for concern. However, in case the fall is excessive, there are different ways to reduce it. One of the most important is taking care of a varied diet that is rich in vitamin C, iron, zinc, biotin, sulfur, among others. In addition, other tips can be taken into account, such as: Maintain the daily hydration of the skin in general. Avoid washing your hair every day. Always use a shampoo that is suitable for the type of hair you have and for your needs. that he has at this time of year. Comb the hair only when it is still wet. Reduce the use of thermal products such as the dryer and iron. Use hair exfoliants that help oxygenate and cleanse the scalp, stimulating circulation. observe a strong fall, complement the care with capillary mesotherapy.

When to see a specialist?

Following what has been said so far, it can be said that observing more hair loss than usual in the spring months should not cause concern. However, there are cases in which it may be necessary to see a specialist. These cases are: When acne or facial hair begins to appear, especially in the menstrual cycle. When redness or itchiness is observed on the scalp. When a large amount of hair is lost during combing or during the shower. When the hair feels very greasy.When you suffer from dandruff.When you leave a lot of hair on the pillow. When patches of baldness are seen on the head.

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