Fri. Dec 8th, 2023

Throughout life many things are learned and developed. Work, the rhythm of life, changing rest schedules, stress and endless variable situations that condition the daily routine, can end up affecting anyone psychologically, whether they are aware of it or not. Therefore, the importance of psychologists is evident. And it is that, as already said, throughout life you learn practically everything, but little or nothing is taken into account the psychological factor, dealing with problems, concerns and conditions such as stress or anxiety -even fears and phobias-, often resulting in more serious health problems, lack of self-esteem, lack of confidence to try to do some things, so the psychological factor ends up being equal or more important than everything, since developing emotional intelligence is the best way to deal with problems, which in the end will continue to happen.

Specialist psychologists, a necessity

All of the above can serve as an introduction to talk about something that is interesting: most people are enviably prepared for their profession, for their family, to fit into society in one way or another, but he does not always prepare himself to have an emotional intelligence that allows him to face all the problems that arise. In fact, few people will have all the tools to do it. Having specialist psychologists such as Marian Batle, who has a track record measured in decades of progress, studies and excellent results with patients in Palma de Mallorca, but also in the rest of Spain, it can be an imperative need in the face of a reality of life in which every day is full of situations that need a solution, always going through decision-making, overcoming challenges, fears, even traumas, so having the right tools is essential. And it is proven that no person knows how to deal alone with all the problems. Trying to do so would also be a mistake with totally counterproductive results. On the other hand, requesting professional help when it becomes clear that the situation can get out of hand and out of control is a demonstration of maturity, but even more so of wanting to rediscover the best version of oneself.

Main reasons why psychology is essential in life

Overcome past traumas and fears

The word trauma comes from the classical Greek language and refers to wounds, Therefore, in the field of psychology, “mental wounds” are usually called this way., psychological wounds that can be vivid memories of a tortuous past, of situations that have not been overcome because they are very abrupt, sad and complex. It is no secret to anyone that overcoming traumatic episodes can become impossible and the fact of trying to do it alone leads to problems increasing. Instead, an expert psychologist, like the case cited above, could use techniques like EMDR, whose effectiveness in overcoming major negative situations is more than proven. Overcoming a duel, a breakup, a life change from greater to lesser -in quality-, fears of the past, memories of a robbery, for example, is the only way to be able to live with peace of mind and with the maximum potential in the future.

Orient personality and abilities

Today’s society is marked by the availability of thousands of things at once. Not surprisingly, the term “attention economy” has been popularized. since many things, activities, notifications, fight to capture the focus of people. For this reason, orienting abilities, focusing on goals and having an authentic personality is the only way, sometimes, to achieve great life goals, but it’s not easy.
But the situation is even more difficult when there are problems, such as high-capacity adults, which should not really be a problem, -since reference is made to people whose IQ is equal to or greater than 120-, but they are usually people who, due to their own intelligence, are interested in other things, they are used to particular ways of relating, but that in general, society does not accept or directly rejects them. In such a way that behavioral problems and disorientation in terms of personality, abilities, focus and inspiration, are a problem in this group of people. Again, the role of a specialist psychologist is obvious, because it turns out that the best psychologists are the ones who should be in charge of making the preliminary evaluations to show that a person can be in the high capacity group, which, in turn, is recommended to do when children are young, because it will allow parents to have better tools to deal with this situation, which, as has been said before, is unique and although it is a full-fledged advantage, managing to highlight those qualities can become complicated for all of them.

coping with life problems

The problems of the mind sooner or later end up affecting the body, and vice versa. But in reality, life itself invites stress, insomnia, communication problems with your partner, living with your family, not being able to control some situations with your children. The worst of the case is that you cannot have all the tools to proceed in an appropriate way and generate progress. But psychologists, in this case, do have a lot to contribute. In the particular case of Marian Batle, in Palma de Mallorca, methods such as Brief Strategic Therapy, mindfulness or cognitive-behavioral therapy, They have proven to help people solve their problems, even with an absolute protagonism of the patients, in less time than they would have thought, and best of all, providing tools to deal with similar problems if they recur. In this way, confidence, productivity, self-esteem, but above all happiness and tranquility, are the consequences, which in turn are compelling reasons to have quality psychologists.

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