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Editorial: Gaming / Facebook / Twitter / YouTube / Instagram / News / Discord / Forums / Telegram / WhatsApp Every gamer knows that a key part of the experience is far from the best graphics card or the most expensive monitor, it is where we rest our back and butt. If we are not comfortable, being able to enjoy the gaming experience can become extremely complicated. Therefore, different companies invent devices for gamers to be comfortable. One of the most attention-getting in recent years is something we never expect to write about. It turns out that, as our friends from Tarreo say, a company called Bauhutte invented a bed that has motors to transform into a gaming chair.
In case you missed it: “My girlfriend ran over my PS5”, gamer with a broken heart asks youtuber to help save his console It is a bed that, at first glance, may seem ordinary. However, it has motors like those that are common in hospital beds to change the position of the person lying down. The interesting thing is that it not only raises the angle of his back, but also modifies the angle of his legs so that he is in the same position as he would be in a gaming chair. To be exact, it raises your back by 90 degrees and your legs by 35. Note that we do not recommend purchasing this bed so you will never have to stand up to sleep and play in the same place again. This is why we see it mainly as a good way to save space for those gamers who want to have their gaming setup in their room. We imagine that perhaps it can be very useful to sick gamers or in some recovery process. We leave you the video of the bed below:

Find out: 8-year-old boy gets scammed with a game that doesn’t work, but a store saved the day Does it catch your eye? Then you should know that this bed is offered for ¥84,000 JPN, something like $680 USD. So, it is a really expensive product, but it will surely be useful to someone. What did you think of this bed? Would you like to have it in your room? Tell us in the comments. Follow this link to see more news related to the world of gaming.
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