Wed. Dec 6th, 2023

After two years of hybridization due to the pandemic, the Oracle Technology Summit has returned to Madrid in person, where the most outstanding and innovative cloud technology for the coming years has been presented. The event was attended by nearly 400 attendees who learned about the technological pillars of the multinational and some of its main success stories at a national and international level. “Oracle is probably in one of its best moments in terms of innovation and portfolio of services. We highlight our second-generation cloud, one of the preferred options for customers of all kinds when it comes to taking their mission-critical loads and services to the cloud and establishing multi-cloud strategies,” said Albert Triola, general manager of Oracle Spain.

Success stories

Over six hours, a group of company experts presented some of the necessary steps for those companies that want to carry out transformations of their business operations through automation, that seek to obtain and maximize the value of data, and those that need to enhance the security strategy in a world like the current one in which businesses are increasingly betting on the cloud environment. The attendees were able to see first-hand some success stories of cloud technology applied to sport, such as the Formula 1 Oracle Red Bull Racing team or the English Premier League, as well as the collaboration with the University of Oxford. At the national level, the successful transition to the public cloud in WiZink and the Advanced Analytics project applied to health strategies for the Department of Health of the Generalitat de Catalunya were announced.

The Oracle Technology Summit returns in person with its cloud innovation

Oracle Technology Summit

Albert Triola dedicated part of his speech to the activity of Oracle Spain, highlighting “the opening of our first Cloud Region in Spain, which will help Spanish companies and Administrations to accelerate their innovation and digitization processes with a high-performance scalable architecture that guarantees the sovereignty and protection of your data”. This new Region would not have been possible without a staff that “is working hard to better understand the needs of companies, to help them launch innovative projects, even to forge commercial alliances to reach the market together”, giving thanks “to my entire team” and, also, to Oracle customers “for continuing to trust us”. For his part, Regis Louis, Oracle Vice President Cloud Strategy, EMEA, focused part of his speech on the importance of data, assuring that “today’s CIO/CTO does not need to invent technology to acquire more data, but rather needs the technology to capture the right data, at the right time, and get the right insights from this data so you can make the right decisions.” Louis highlighted that in this context, more and more companies are betting on Oracle Cloud when it comes to “switching to the public cloud to increase the security of their data”.


The event also reviewed the current state of the cloud economy and how Oracle Cloud Infrastructure turns investment in technology into business value, as well as the rise of data capital and why it has big implications for the competitive strategy in all market sectors. Experts discussed how next-generation hybrid and multi-cloud clouds are designed to run any application faster, more securely, and with less investment, as well as how best to apply the latest innovations in Oracle Cloud and Oracle Database to create competitive advantages and business growth. There was also space to learn how security-first design principles can mitigate risk and protect enterprise workloads and database operations, both in the cloud and on-premises, from ongoing threats. . In addition, caring for the environment also had its place at the event, presenting Oracle’s approach in the field of sustainability with a portfolio of practical solutions and services that allow improving environmental performance and meeting the CSR objectives of companies.

demo zone

The Summit also had a Demo area in which attendees had the opportunity to delve into the heart of innovation with spaces dedicated to technology at the service of citizens and society (Oracle Smart City) and how Oracle Cloud can improve and reinvent the user experience in a home delivery system (Gigi’s Pizza). In WEDO Evidence, Blockchain could be known as an easy and safe solution for the custody of criminal evidence with Oracle technology, simplifying the process, reducing possible human error and, above all, increasing security so that no evidence is invalidated.

By Alvaro Rivers

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