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Matt Reeves has taken us out of doubt regarding future plans for the Joker

Attention spoilers of The Batman, if you have not seen it, do not continue reading!In the latest movie of the DC superhero we could see the beginning of a new universe that will lay the foundations for the cinematographic future of the company that owns Batman. That is why much was expected. And not only how this reboot was going to be, but how they were going to introduce the key characters of the DC world, such as the Joker. The main synopsis presented us with two antagonists of Batman, Enigma and the Penguin, who are the main enemies throughout the plot. We see the rise and fall of the Enigma and how the Penguin becomes the main leader of the Gotham mob. about Arkham Asylum. “What was seen about him (the Joker) in the film is a preview and a demonstration of the world that is being created.” These were the first words of Reeves on the killer clown. The importance of spinoffs Matt has already explained several times that the Joker that was seen was not the real or final one. He is a character that is in creation since he is not something that already exists by itself. As it is someone who is under construction, we do not have to wait for something 100% definitive. We have already seen that a movie about Batman can be made without the main enemy being the Joker and it seems that this is going to be something common in this Batverse created by Matt Reeves and with Robert Pattinson as the protagonist. In short, it is not yet known if we will see the Joker as Batman’s enemy in the future, what we can expect is to see him in the Arkham Asylum series as the protagonist or with a role. relevant.

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