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Attention spoilers, if you have not seen The Batman, do not continue reading this article

In the movie of batman we saw the beginning of a new universe, with new characters and plots. Although we already know these characters very well, this reboot of the Batman saga has introduced us to new stories and characters with many changes to what we were used to. In the last scenes of the film we see Enigma imprisoned in Arkham and he starts talking to a person who is in the next cell. Although he is not fully seen, we can see that he has green hair and a particular laugh. He is the Joker and is played by Barry Keoghan. And we give you seven keys that indicate that we are going to see much more of him. Yes, Barry Keoghan is confirmed as the Joker Although he did not appear in the credits playing that character, we could see that the actor was mentioned in the final credits. Even so, the best and most direct confirmation has been from the film’s director, Matt Reeves, who has confirmed that Keoghan is the Joker in this new Batman universe. His smile has been there since he was born One of the most recognizable features of the character of DC is his smile and the way he achieved it is one of the most changed stories in the history of comics. In this case, we cannot see any scar on the character’s face (this would be if he had caused himself to smile with some cuts). Reeves made some statements about it to IGN in which he said that this Joker’s smile was due to a mental disorder that made him smile all the time. He was inspired by David Lynch to create this detail and he didn’t want to replicate Nolan in it either. fact that Heath Ledger’s Joker had the scars without any explanation. It seemed darker to Matt Reeves that he had this physical condition since he was born and that it could have made him become the character he is. His mental condition makes him look like a clown This mental condition has made the character played by Barry Keoghan has seen himself all his life as some kind of bad joke. Having the smile permanently has probably made his vision of the world totally conditioned. There is a deleted scene in which the Joker appears In The Batman we can see a scene in which the character appears, and what a scene, but according to some statements by the director was planned and recorded another moment in which the hero and the Joker interacted. This scene was going to be a lot like a scene in “Silence of the Lambs” in which the protagonist asks the prisoner for help to stop the murderer. In this case, it would look like the Batman played by Robert Pattinson desperately asks the killer clown for help in order to stop Enigma and his plans to destroy the city. This Batman has already defeated the Joker We know that this film places us in the second year of Bruce Wayne as Batman and who has been patrolling and capturing potential enemies that have not been shown in the film. That the Joker is already in Arkham shows us that there has already been some kind of interaction between them. Matt Reeves in a statement about the deleted scene for Variety said that one of the killer clown’s phrases was “Has it been a year since we saw each other?” “Obviously these two characters have already had something. It is also known that he has done something to end up imprisoned in Arkham and that Batman has captured and imprisoned him.” Probably in the future we will see how these two characters escape from prison and how the hero will have to deal with them again. The prisoner has not completely transformed into the Joker As we have seen, this film shows us a very early version of the characters from the world of Gotham. Batman defines himself as “The Vengeance” instead of the “Dark Knight”. In this case, the same thing would happen with the character played by Barry Keoghan, he is not yet the Joker in his entirety, he is not that kingpin of destruction and Gotham that we know him to be. That is why both Barry and Robert Pattinson still have a long way to go to become what they can become. Will the Joker return in The Batman 2? It would be his thing and a logical move on the part of Matt Reeves because the scene in which we can see it could be a clear indication that his appearance in the sequel is almost assured. Even so, the director has said in an interview regarding this issue that it is not something guaranteed. «That scene was not an easter egg. It wasn’t there for the viewer to say “he’s going to appear in the next movie for sure.” Nobody rests in Gotham, not even crime, but that doesn’t mean that he has to appear yes or yes, as I said, this Joker is only the beginning of what the character can become. » Once you have seen all these details, what do you think? Will we see the Joker as the main villain of the sequel to The Batman?

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