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By Gonzalo Echeverria.  Country Manager Zyxel IberiaBy Gonzalo Echeverria. Country Manager Zyxel Iberia The growth rate of the cybersecurity market in Spain will continue to increase this year. This is established by analysts such as IDC, which estimates growth close to 8%. These data indicate the security relevance within companies, a factor that has already fully permeated the business environment in the face of the constant increase in cyberattacks and new intrusion tactics. In fact, it is already considered a value factor that enhances the growth of companies and organizations, so having systems adapted to the needs of each business is already a priority. But it is the SMEs who now suffer the most from being the target of cyber attacks. ransomware or malware to give examples. Sometimes smaller businesses not only lack sufficient defenses to protect themselves, they stand to lose much more. That is why this business segment seeks more effective security solutions that strengthen their businesses and allow secure network connectivity and management. Unable to afford their own IT security departments, SMBs are turning to simple plug-n-play solutions from vendors or through MSPs. That’s the case with access points that can replicate the SSID of a central office, creating seamless and secure tunnels so remote workers—a growing trend—can carry out their tasks with confidence.

Apply Zero Trust in the face of increased device use

Precisely the hybrid work and the incorporation of a greater number of devices to the network, are putting the security of many companies and businesses at stake, therefore, it is no longer necessary to safeguard a single point in the main corporate network. Rather, attack surfaces have multiplied, and home offices have greater reach for cybercriminals as the perimeter has increased. In this environment, it is necessary to apply a strategy of “never trust, always verify”, or also called Zero Trust, which refers, for example, to the verification of the identity of each user who tries to access a network through the Internet. multifactor authentication.

It is necessary to apply a Zero Trust strategy, which refers, for example, to verifying the identity of each user who tries to access a network

Since its inception 30 years ago, Zyxel has made a strong commitment to the security of its devices, whether in switches, firewalls or access points, although in recent times it has taken them to the cloud to offer a greater guarantee of security in management and network experience. The Nebula cloud platform is proving to be an option for providing network security through multi-layered protection against internal and external threats. The solution enables centralized management in the cloud to speed up and simplify the implementation, management and maintenance of network security. From synchronizing security profiles to managing user access, Zyxel Nebula is designed to fit today’s real needs. Our clients are confirming this to us.

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