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Marvel comics have transformed the Black Panther character into a kind of Batman. A change that is not good to maintain over time.

The new series of comics Black Panther on Marvel has transformed to King of Wakanda on Batmanthe character of DC Comics. This, as indicated by Screen Rant, is not a positive thing. The paranoid levels T’Challa has shown in recent episodes are not only worrying, they are also inevitably reminiscent of those of the Bat Man. The hidden secrets of the hero and his dark contingency plans are at risk of being revealed. Also, the African monarch is totally blind. He is not even able to trust his allies, as is the case with BruceWayne.In previous issues of Black Panther’s John ridley, Juan Cabal and Ibrahim Mustafa, Wakanda has established a new form of government. It is a parliamentary democracy. T’Challa is still the king of the nation, but he doesn’t have the authoritative power of yesteryear. His people have more of a say now, but the Marvel Comics hero believes his power to protect Wakanda is more limited. Like Batman, T’Challa has been covering up his most secret agenda. A morally questionable program that has now been discovered by a sinister organization. Following the death of one of its agents, Black Panther has confessed to shuri who has placed “sleeper killers” all over the planet. These are ready to be activated, should any nation decide to turn against Wakanda. Obviously, if this secret comes to light, if the international community of the Marvel Universe discovers it… It would have serious political and social consequences, both for Wakanda and for the hero who now seems to imitate the actions of Batman.

Things are getting very complicated for the King of Wakanda.

Black Panther has not only been hiding the truth from his allies and family, but has become a deeply irrational person. The first of his “sleeper killers” was killed. It was about one of his best friends, named jhai. He couldn’t do anything for him, but the agent Omolola Yes, you can save her. However, T’Challa is convinced that Omolola is a traitor, that he cannot trust her. Unfortunately, the King of Wakanda has become Batman at the worst possible time. He has reached a new level of distrust and has let his paranoia guide him, beyond reason. To top it off, as with Batman and the League of Justice, Black Panther now has a number of secret contingencies. Some plans hidden from the rest to control everything if they betray him. This, as they point out from Screen Rant, is a mistake on the part of Marvel Comics. Transforming the King of Wakanda into the Bat Man is not the wisest decision. It may be interesting for a few issues, but it would be a mistake to keep it going over time.

By deepak yadav

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