Wed. Sep 27th, 2023

It is not always easy to distinguish between what is information and what is advertising. For this reason, it is necessary to clearly define what advertising is, and even more so, what is advertising within the field of medicine. Currently, traditional drug advertising is extensively regulated, establishing what and how a drug can be advertised to health professionals and what and how to the general public. But how is the use of Digital Marketing in the Pharmaceutical Industry? In this article we analyze the Use of Health Marketing in the Pharmaceutical Industry both in its traditional and digital aspects.

How is advertising defined in the field of medicine?

As defined in Directive 2001/83/EC of the European Parliament (2001), drug advertising is all forms of informative offer intended to promote its prescription, dispensing, sale and consumption. Advertising that also includes: Advertising of medicines to the public. Advertising of medicines for doctors. Medical visits. Distribution of free samples. Sponsorship of scientific congresses and promotional meetings in which authorized persons take part. to prescribe medications.

What medicines can be advertised?

As stated in current legislation, the drug advertising It must conform to the following measures: The advertising of medicines must be truthful and avoid misleading information. Advertising must conform to the information contained in the technical data sheet. Only those medicines with marketing authorization can be advertised. In addition, and finally, advertising must be approached objectively, without exaggeration and recommending its use rationally.

Digital marketing and pharmaceutical industry

As far as the healthcare marketing In the digital environment, pharmaceutical companies must operate within the same ethical and legal coordinates by which information and drug advertising are currently regulated by traditional media. Some coordinates that can be modeled on the guides and protocols of good practices existing within the digital world. The standards or good practices to follow are: Regarding the relationship between patients and the pharmaceutical industry in social networks: pharmaceutical companies must not include promotional content for medicines through links, bookmarks or comments that allow copying, repetition or forwarding. The contents must refer to the pathology and not to the medication.You must always include the recommendation to consult with the doctor or a medical specialist. To comply with the commitment to transparency, it is necessary to state if the website is financed by a pharmaceutical company.It must also be recorded any adverse reaction that may arise after consumption. As for what is the relationship between the pharmaceutical industry and healthcare personnel: Set the identification of professionals via registration and professional accreditation. Carry out the medical visit with tablet to provide you with all the information on screen and deliver the brochures in digital file.Open discussion forums, video conferencesto facilitate attendance at conferences and medical events.
Subscriptions to periodic electronic communications to provide you with information about new medications.

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