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Facebook / Twitter / YouTube / Instagram / News / Discord / Forums / Telegram / WhatsApp Switch is in its fifth year on the market and although Nintendo insists that the console is in the middle of its commercial cycle, it would be naive to think that they are not developing the successor hardware; After all, and despite staying true to its ways in the industry, Nintendo knows that it can’t be that far behind in technology. Much has been said and rumored about a new Switch with more power or a new console but so far there is nothing official, however, the recent cyber attack on Nvidia could have revealed some interesting information about it.

Rumors about the Switch Pro or the new Nintendo console have returned

As we informed you, in recent days Nvidia was the victim of a Ransomware attack and large amounts of code and information were left in the hands of hackers. As a result of this and with the North American company in full investigation, alleged code leaks have begun to come out to the public that account for current and future projects for different sectors. One of them could be video games, specifically Nintendo, since it refers to technology that has been used in the hybrid console. In that sense, the lines of code that were obtained by TechPowerUp refer to a folder named NVN2, an NVNDLSS driver and files that indicate something related to a T239 CPU.
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Did the attack on Nvidia reveal Nintendo’s plans?

What does this have to do with Nintendo Switch? Well NVN is the name of the programming interface (API) that Nvidia prepared for the hybrid console, so the reference to NVN2 has been taken as the next step in terms of new hardware. Likewise, the reference to NVNDLSS is considered as information that accounts for the much rumored capacity that the new Nintendo console, or a new Switch, would have to operate with Nvidia technology.
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Finally, the files where the T239 CPU is mentioned are related to the supposed SoC that the new Nintendo console will use, a modified Tegra Orin with the key T239. This rumor was shared last year by one of the insiders recognized for leaking information about Nvidia.

As always when it comes to this type of information, it must be taken with a grain of salt because there is nothing official. However, the possibilities remain active and that is, unlike what has happened during its history in video games, Nintendo could remain with the Switch brand, already positioned and successful, instead of building a new commercial concept, so we could see iterations of its hybrid proposal instead of a new traditional-style console. Stay informed, in WTTSpod. Source

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