Sun. Feb 25th, 2024

Managed service providers have struggled to cost-effectively deliver SASE services at scale because current SD-WAN and secure workforce access solutions in hybrid environments lack automation, requiring manual configuration and support for products and models. Different APIs. Solving this challenge, Palo Alto Networks has presented several innovations for Prisma SASE designed specifically for MSPs, including a multi-tenant cloud hierarchical portal and an open API framework, during the first day of MWC. “MSPs need to offer consistent, best-in-class secure access solutions for hybrid workforce and SD-WAN services to their customers at the lowest possible TCO. So far that has been extraordinarily difficult,” says Anand Oswal, senior vice president of Network Security at Palo Alto Networks.

SASE solution for MSPs

Prisma SASE’s new highly flexible, cloud-based management portal with multi-user hierarchization capabilities uses granular role-based access control (RBAC), which MSPs have lacked until now, to provide the flexibility needed to manage multiple clients with different needs, while providing control throughout the lifecycle of a client’s SASE services.

Palo Alto Networks Unveils Industry’s Most Comprehensive SASE Solution for MSPs at MWC

In addition to the new hierarchical cloud management portal, Prisma SASE includes the following new capabilities for MSPs: An API gateway provides an open API framework that enables MSPs to seamlessly integrate with backend infrastructure and automate day 0 and day 1 workflows, providing the highest level of flexibility and simplicity. Provides insight into network and SD-WAN security metrics while highlighting critical issues across all managed users. This helps MSPs speed problem resolution and meet SLAs for all of their customers. Identity and access management (IAM) enables MSPs to use their identity stores to avoid duplication of users and roles across different systems, greatly strengthening network security and governance. Flexible service creation provides MSPs with the flexibility to create a catalog of differentiated offerings and easily assign these new services to their hierarchical set of customers, providing a highly customizable SASE solution for their customers.

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