Tue. Apr 16th, 2024

Although slowly, women are occupying positions within the technology sector and more and more companies are betting on female talent to lead their ICT departments. But there are points that indicate that there is still a long way to go. For example, a study carried out by the insurance company Santalucía shows that although four out of ten researchers are women, which is 10% more than the European average, only 13% of young women choose to study STEM careers (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). This data is perhaps the most relevant, since, logically, it is difficult for more middle-aged women to join the ICT world, but the most worrying thing is that there are no young people either. In fact, a study by Experis indicates that 70% have problems incorporating the talent they need and if it is already difficult to find talent in general, female talent is like finding a gold nugget in a river. It so happens that the demand for ICT specialists in Spain is increasing, so it is necessary that already in Primary Education girls are encouraged to study STEM careers. Above all, because they will ensure a stable, well-paid and fun future job. Perhaps in this last adjective is the key: to make mathematics or physics, at school, more fun and practical.

Women in Spain do not bet on the study of STEM careers. You have to find out what’s wrong.

Companies, moreover, are changing their thinking and are constantly seeking to attract these professionals because part of the resolution of the problem goes through the education. Spain has a considerable deficit of students who do not opt ​​for training in STEM degrees. It is a reality that this type of studies have fewer enrollments each year, which is a real problem for the future of the country. But it is that in the case of women, this situation is really alarming. If for the next decade we want more women to occupy relevant positions in the technology sector, it is urgent that women be encouraged to pursue these studies. Because, if there is no base, it is difficult for women to occupy those positions in the future. Something is wrong with us education system so that women do not bet on this type of studies and it is not because of its difficulty: complex studies such as medicine are chosen mostly by women. Is it the study plans? Is the motivation girls receive from their teachers enough? Applying quota policies seems to have worked in the short term, but looking to the future it does not seem to be the solution that happens because the faculties and VT institutes specialized in more technical theories see their classrooms as equal. On the occasion of International Women’s Day and to address all this problem and see how the position of women in the ICT sector can be improved, Byte TI will organize next Tuesday, March 8, a webinar which will feature the participation of eight relevant women from the technology sector: Ana Amatriain, CIO Volkswagen Navarra Raquel García Lozano, IT BP & Country Head Spain of Merck Susana Ramírez Arias, CIO Boyacá Virgínia Vera, IT & Strategic Planning Director of FRIT RAVICH Mabel González Centenera, CISO SERMAS Mª José Talavera, General Director of VMware Delia Gómez Marzo, Data & Intelligence Manager of Encamina Eva Martínez Hernández, HR Director of Viewnext (IBM group) Susana Durán, VP Engineer of Sage

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By Alvaro Rivers

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