Sun. Feb 25th, 2024

We have previously commented on the tool Google Trends, which allows knowing the interest of the different countries on certain terms. Previously we have commented on terms such as hentai, lolicon and others, and this time it is time to analyze the interest in netarare (NTR), the controversial literary and hentai genre that terrifies the weakest. The “Netorare (寝取られ)” is a literary genre focused on manga for adults (hentai), although it has already been adopted on occasions by manga and light novels for the general public; involving adultery, either between married or just partners (sometimes even between friends who like each other or in unrequited love). The genre never ceases to be popular, as the graph confirms that the interest never falls below 75 percent of the highest value in most cases, which confirms its importance:

But graphics aside, What are the Latin American countries with the greatest interest in netarare? Leaving aside countries that are not from the aforementioned region, the list includes bolivia (1st), Peru (2nd), The Savior (6th), Nicaragua (9th), Ecuador (10th), Mexico (12th), Chile (13th), Paraguay (14th), Panama (15th), Guatemala (16th), Costa Rica (18th), Uruguay (19th), Argentina (20th), Depth (21st), Venezuela (22nd), Colombia (24th), Dominican Republic (25th), Puerto Rico (26th), Brazil (27th). As additional information, Spain got the 12th position.
These are the Latin American countries with the greatest interest in netarare
Source: Google Trends

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