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Fragment of the official poster of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness (Marvel Studios)

Doctor Strange 2 confirms the length of its footage. It’s going to be a pretty long Marvel Studios movie. What a journey awaits us!

Marvel Studios just confirmed the length of Doc Strange 2. The sequel to Sorcerer Supreme starring benedict cumberbatch and elizabeth olsen It will hit theaters next May. It promises to be a new “multiversal bombshell” after the resounding success of Spider-Man: No Way Home. Now, with all the expectation raised by the first official trailer, the film of the MCU Phase 4 He has just confirmed the length of the footage… and what a surprise we have had! It’s quite long!

As confirmed MCU SourceThe duration of Doc Strange 2 It will be two and a half hours. To be more exact, two hours and twenty-eight minutes, as you can see in the tweet that we have shared. As a general rule, superhero movies are usually two hours long. In this case, the new Marvel Studios movie would far exceed the most common footage of the genre. Obviously, it’s going to be a much bigger tape than we’re used to. It is normal that it lasts longer than is usually characteristic of UCM movies.

A key film for the future of the UCM

Keep in mind that Doc Strange 2 It’s going to be pivotal to the future of the Marvel Universe. like his own Kevin Feig has recognized, the tape of sam raimi will mark the next steps of the study. This is something that has been reconfirmed by Benedict Cumberbatch, who recently spoke to the press after his nomination for the oscars by the power of the dog and explained how important the sequel to the Sorcerer Supreme will be. What will they refer to? Will it involve the presentation of some great villain? Will we see the return of a hero that opens up a wide range of possibilities? We will have to wait until May to find out. There are many questions raised by this film, but more the desire to solve them.

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