Wed. Apr 17th, 2024

AdjudicacionesTIC, the online platform for analysis and consulting that informs and advises technology companies in their relationship with entities and bodies of the Public Administration in Spain and Portugal, has analyzed the investments and expenses of the Spanish public sector in terms of technology foreseen in the Budgets General of the State in order to make known what the priorities of the Administrations will be throughout this year. This year will continue to increase in investments in technology, a trend that has been observed since 2015 and that will mean 4.58% more compared to 2021, with 2,085 million euros, a figure that will reach 3,282 million euros if we include recovery and resilience mechanisms. “These figures have never been seen before, so the business opportunities for companies that work with Public Administrations are unmatched,” says Carlos Canitrot, AdjudicacionesTIC’s consulting director.

By ministries, in the chapter on current expenses of the General State Budgets, the increase in investments of the Ministries of Health stands out, with a growth forecast of 85.6%; Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation, with an estimate of 41.3%; or that of the Presidency, with a perspective of increase of 30.3%. On the opposite side, the Ministry of Finance and Public Function, whose spending forecasts are reduced by 15.5%.

This year will continue to increase in investments in technology, a trend that has been observed since 2015

On the side of investments in technology, the most dynamic ministries during 2022 will be those of Finance and Public Administration, with investment estimates above 58%; and Foreign Affairs, EU and Cooperation, with a forecast of 40.1%. On the contrary, the areas that most reduced their investments in technology in this period will be Education and Vocational Training, with a reduction of 22.2%; and Social Rights and the 2030 Agenda, with 16.4% less estimated investment. To carry out this analysis, AdjudicacionesTIC has extracted the items related to technology within each economic sub-concept of chapters 2 (current goods and services) and 6 (material and immaterial investments) of the more than 300 agencies of the General State Administration included within of the General State Budget Law of December 28, 2021.

By Alvaro Rivers

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