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The IT sector has been one of the most powerful throughout the pandemic, thanks to the advancement of systems that have made it possible to digitize all industries in a short time. And, after stabilizing wages in the IT sector in 2021, a rise from years ago is now expected. A clear example of this is the MWC, and the number of visitors expected, an average of 40,000 to 60,000. On this, HAYS has presented the HAYS Salary Guide 2022, which highlights that salaries in the IT sector grew by 9% between 2019 and 2021. “There are many companies that are installing their Data, e-Commerce and Cloud headquarters in Spain, especially in Barcelona. This implies that the pool of candidates is the same and there is more demand, which causes profiles to be signed from one company to another at the stroke of a checkbook”, says Selena Sabiote, Manager at HAYS Technology.

Labor Market 2022 IT

According to the 2022 Labor Market Guide, last year wages in the sector stabilized with a drop of 1%, which represented a change in trend after wages in this area increased by 9% in the last three years. The reality of the sector during the pandemic has had several roller coaster moments, since during the beginning of covid-19 some startups closed and large technological projects were paralyzed.

IT sector salaries forecast to rise due to inflation after stabilizing in 2021

Even so, he highlights that in a short time investments in technology returned to normal, causing an increase in demand for profiles. “In 2021 we find a slight increase in the pool of available candidates that lasted a couple of months until now, that we again have a lot of demand and few professionals available”, adds the Manager at Hays Technology.

Most demanded profiles

The most requested profiles are Data Engineers, with salaries ranging from 30,000 euros to 68,000 euros, Data Scientist, between 26,000 euros and 65,000 euros, and Cloud Engineer/DevOps, which vary between 29,000 euros and 65,000 euros. They are followed by the positions of Front and Back End Developer, as well as the Full Stack of various programming languages, with an annual salary of between 30,000 euros and 55,000 euros gross per year. On the other hand, there are also profiles that have become less in demand, such as BI Consultant, System Administrator, Network Engineer and RoR Developer.

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