Wed. Sep 27th, 2023

We have previously commented on the tool Google Trends, which allows us to identify which countries most frequently search for certain terms in particular. Having already done analyzes of this type previously, this time we will analyze the interest of Latin American countries in lolis, or rather the term “l*olicon”, which defines anime productions (and also hentai) starring characters who are or appear to be minors. Why don’t we search for the term “loli” or “lolis“? It turns out that in 2021 an American soap opera called “loli’s luck“, and became popular enough to influence analyzes of Google, which includes it as part of the search report. Thus, we decided to use the term “l*olicon”, which is much more specific and does not lend itself to other interpretations. We can see that the search trend has not dipped below the 50 percent high point in the last year, which denotes the widespread popularity of the genre.

But leaving the graphs aside, What are the Latin American countries with the greatest interest in lolis? The answer is quite surprising, and Google Trends offers us the following list: Cuba (1st), bolivia (6th), Paraguay (7th), Costa Rica (8th), The Savior (9th), Nicaragua (10th), Peru (12th), Chile (13th), Guatemala (14th), Mexico (17th), Argentina (18th), Ecuador (19th), Brazil (20th), Venezuela (21st), Honduras (23rd), Uruguay (27th), Panama (29th), Colombia (32nd) and Dominican Republic (46th). As additional information, Spain got position 39.

Source: Google Trends

By deepak yadav

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