Fri. Dec 8th, 2023

Creativity is playing a fundamental role in many companies, which in turn demand platforms capable of helping them work with their documents more efficiently. This is where the new PDF Quick Actions in Adobe Creative Cloud Express come into play. These actions are possible thanks to Adobe Acrobat, the world standard for PDFs, so users will have first-class tools integrated into the application. The new PDFs will maintain the formatting and layout of the original documents, including tables, bullet points, and more.

New quick actions in PDF

Here are the new PDF features that can be used from the Creative Cloud Express Home tab:

Text and image editing; This feature is for when PDFs need small but important updates. Allows you to edit PDF files by adding or changing text and rotating or resizing images in Creative Cloud Express.

New PDF features in Adobe Creative Cloud Express

Combination of files in the same PDF; It allows you to create a single PDF by joining files that are in various formats or that were created in different programs. Organize the pages; It offers the possibility to upload one or several files and allows you to rearrange the pages by dragging and dropping the thumbnails of the pages in the order you need and download the document as a single PDF. It also allows you to delete, insert and rotate pages and, if only a selection and not all pages are needed, select and extract specific pages to create a new PDF.

Creative Cloud Express Premium Plan

All Creative Cloud Express users can get one free download per week with PDF Quick Actions. Subscribers to the Creative Cloud Express Premium plan, or to plans that include premium access to Creative Cloud Express, have access to unlimited downloads with PDF Quick Actions from the Creative Cloud Express web app.

By Alvaro Rivers

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