Sun. Feb 25th, 2024

In times of COVID 19, one of the issues that generates the most controversy is the anti-vaccine demonstrations and Marvel is not happy with one of its stars.

Actress Evangeline Lilly has often seen her name in the headlines for things unrelated to her work on Ant-man and the Wasp: Quantumania. Especially because of his passionate political beliefs. His name is often associated with the words “cancelled” and “controversy”, and there are many who wonder what Marvel Studios or even Disney will do about it, it would not be the first time that one of its stars has been dispensed with for its political beliefs and statements in the media or social networks, serve as an example the case of Gina Carano who was fired from The Mandalorian. Now, there are rumors that Marvel may be considering whether Ant-man 3 should be their last movie with the studio for Evangeline Lilly. what to do with the actress, while Evangeline Lilly’s comments continue to attract media attention, so it sounds like her Marvel career may be in jeopardy, but no decisions have been made yet. The source couldn’t share what Marvel might do with her character if that happens. If they stop working with Evangeline Lilly, will they change her? Production on Ant-Man 3 has ended. Will they need to reshoot some of their scenes? Do you feel that where the movie is set could be a good ending point for your character? The decision is sure to be a difficult one for Marvel Studios to make. Evangeline Lilly has recently been attending rallies, posting on social media, and generally sharing her views allegedly against COVID-19 vaccine mandates. She claims that she is supporting bodily sovereignty. Last week, the actress shared a public appeal to Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau that went viral. In the video, the actress asks the prime minister of her home country to speak to the protesters. Public comments from her have focused primarily on government mandates. These were his words.“If you are so convinced of your reasons for the mandates, sit down and walk with the leaders of a group of 2.3 million Protestants from across the country and explain it to them and ask them to listen with open hearts and minds and then reciprocate. Listen to what they feel to say with an open mind to things that go against the ideas that you feel so sure about.” The source did not share what Marvel considers the main problem when it comes to handling Evangeline Lilly’s career. Could it be that they do not like to see Evangeline Lilly as a trending topic on social networks? Could it be that the problem is that when you do interviews to promote Marvel movies, they worry that their political beliefs will become the main focus? Do you have any legal concerns about the comments she’s making?It could be a problem for Marvel that Evangeline Lilly is speaking out against measures to combat COVID-19. So far, her comments have been mostly specific to government mandates. She has not publicly said anything specifically about Marvel or Disney (who owns Marvel). However, Disney issued COVID-19 vaccination mandates for its employees, both at film productions and at its theme parks (although they had to suspend those mandates in the state of Florida). In the actress’s following Instagram post, she cites the threat of losing her job due to a mandate as an issue, she supposedly agrees to be vocal. It is not known what she thinks of this Marvel. Is it a problem if she is speaking against something specific in her own employment policies? Are you worried about the comments she has made so far, or how far she will go in the future?

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