Sun. Apr 21st, 2024

It is difficult to imagine another actor other than Henry Cavill playing Superman in the DCEU, but there is already an actor willing to take the character from him (Warning spoilers from the last chapter of Pacemaker)

The explosive season finale of the Peacemaker series has everyone talking about Henry Cavill’s Superman. While the series finale, along with each episode, proved that the DC Comics Extended Universe can survive without the Justice League, it still proved just how important DCEU heroes are to fans. The focus of the finale is on the brief appearance of the Justice League, but the absence of Henry Cavill and Gal Gadot as Superman and Wonder Woman, respectively, was notable. Using stand-ins to portray the silhouettes of both, now the actor behind Peacemaker’s Superman is campaigning to become the DCEU’s next Man of Steel. If you haven’t seen the #MySuperman hashtag yet, you may not know that the actor he replaced to Henry Cavill for the ending of Peacemaker was played by Brad Abramenko. Actor who has previously had small roles in other DC projects like Batwoman and The CW’s The Flash. But it appears that after donning the Superman suit, Abramenko is hoping to land a recurring role as the last son of Krypton and has taken to social media to campaign to become the next Man of Steel. Three days ago Abramenko posted a photo of himself wearing the Superman suit with the following caption: “My dream came true when I became the twelfth superman. An honor to wear the suit of @henrycavill! @hbomaxpeacemaker season finale.” He also followed his caption with plenty of relevant hashtags to get his post seen. But yesterday he made two posts the first with the caption “Were you about to say something? Am I your Superman guys? If you want me to be, comment #mysuperman on my most recent posts and let’s get going!”, clearly campaigning to run as the new and only man of steel. Many users showed their support in the comments, which he rewarded with a second post showing off his muscles and Clark Kent look in a video, asking his followers if he should return for the 2nd season of Peacemaker together with his hashtag #mysuperman.

It is clear that Abramenko does not want to miss the opportunity to play Superman, even more so when it is not clear if Henry Cavill who played the character for the last time in Zack Snyder’s Justice League will return to the DCEU, and with Warner Bros without plans to continue their stories, as the next Man of Steel movie will feature a variant of the character played by Michael B. Jordan. Henry Cavill first appeared as the Man of Steel in 2013’s Man of Steel. As a breakout role for the up-and-coming actor, his portrayal of Clark Kent was generally praised. The film grossed a worldwide total of $668 million, making it the highest-grossing solo Superman film of all time. Cavill reprized his role three more times, in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Justice League and Zack Snyder’s Justice League. To this day, the actor remains adamant that he would gladly don the suit again for future projects, even if his future with the studio remains unclear. And interestingly enough, he has also shown his support for bringing in more actors to play the hero in a multiversal sense. What do you think? Should Abramenko definitely replace Henry Cavill?

By deepak yadav

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