Sat. Sep 23rd, 2023

For many companies, the modernization of their own apps is still a pending issue. If we take into account that business applications are a fundamental digital asset for business, it is necessary for companies to take action on the matter. In this sense, Baufest analyzes the data and explains how each of these applications has a specific development, so its modification must be measured, developing a specific methodology for each case. “With the arrival of the pandemic, many companies were forced to go digital; however, although this fact has accelerated the transformation, there are companies that have remained in a basic development that in the long run will be insufficient if they want to respond to the needs of customers and other stakeholders”, explains Alfonso Sánchez, Country Manager of Baufest in Spain. .


The need to respond to new business dynamics or the constant change experienced by technological systems cause systems to become obsolete in terms of architecture, platform, applicability and stability. Despite the fact that the current situation is that the systems must be modernized as soon as possible, before getting down to work, this type of process takes time, and even more so when the platforms we are referring to are those that are operational, so that nothing can go wrong during the modernization process. Reducing costs, optimizing available resources or establishing a basis for future developments are, among others, several of the objectives that a modernization project must have.

56% of companies say that delaying application modernization has led to compliance failures

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To achieve the benefits that digital transformation can offer, we must use the right tools for each solution. The company has established itself as a specialist in application modernization processes framed in digital transformation strategies. In fact, it is currently tackling the migration of legacy applications as special projects and different from the development of custom software, consolidating a specific and proven methodology that allows guaranteeing the continuity of the operation, the coexistence of the systems during the transition and high levels of adoption. In this way, one of the biggest obstacles that companies face when making the decision to modernize their applications is mitigated, since it allows the application to be used while the improvement process is carried out, without sacrificing the quality of the service. .

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