Fri. Dec 8th, 2023

In Bolivia, a special otaku-themed event was held entitled “geek tiki“, with an admission cost of 40 bolivianos (about 6 US dollars). Leaving the event aside, however, there was a section of it that went viral on social media: pay for a thirty minute date with a cosplayer. This was shared by the page on Facebook “Anime Screenings“, who described that section as follows: “FrikiTiki event – ​​in Montero. They auctioned Waifus, for 30-minute dates. The most expensive was the cosplayer of Tamaki from Fire Force with 110 bolivianos (about 16 US dollars)». As mentioned at the beginning, the publication immediately went viral, and although some pointed out that “it was not correct to sell cosplayers”, others took it with humor and made jokes about it.

Some prominent comments included: “And then they say why they insult otakus… How sad. Postscript: The girl is pretty, but it would be easier to ask her in person and not buy it, right?»«You have to be very slimy to give 110 bolivianos in a 30-minute date, and what’s more, one spends more to invite her to a restaurant. don’t suck».«I would have given 300 bolivianos (about 44 US dollars)».«It can’t be, they even do that, whatever. They already go from rat children in the events».«I was present and some groups of boys and girls paid to fuck, maybe they didn’t even complete the time, they just did it to have a good time, laughing with friends. They exaggerate it as if they were auctioning off escorts or slaves. The perfect ones are made, but some well pay OnlyFans to see “exclusive content”».«It is better to pay to get a date than to get a regular one, where I think you spend twice as much money».«Here the fool would not be the girl, but the weirdo who would pay 16 dollars for half an hour of attention. Reminds me of when TheGrefg sold his hair».
On the other hand, the publication only included the photo of Tamaki’s cosplayer, so it is not known for sure who were the girls or boys who agreed to be auctioned for the dates in question., and it is not known how much percentage went to the cosplayer and how much to the organizing committee. Speaking of the latter, they uploaded quite a few photos of the event (these photos are varied and do not represent the people who were “auctioned”).

Finally, despite how viral it was, many criticisms of the organization of the event can be read on networks. The comment with the most votes in this regard wrote: «What was the use of spending on the “guests” if in the end they were going to save everything else, which really did matter, like a good, comfortable and pleasant place to at least be able to walk and not in one where they walked around and you saw everything, as well as being dirty both outside and in the bathrooms. The poor organization for the contests, the contests that never even took place. The high charge for tickets for a lousy experience. Lack of seriousness of the animators during the presentations. The dead times that added were 2 to 3 hours. Where there was only music and nothing else. Mistakes when announcing the winner at the end of the contest and not counting many other things. They had a lot of time to organize and improve, but they didn’t care and focused on the wrong thing.” Source: Facebook

By deepak yadav

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