Wed. Sep 27th, 2023


Matt Reeves has cleared the doubts of whether there was going to be a “director’s version” with scenes for adults.

The director of the new film, Matt Reeves, has confirmed in an interview one of the key data for fans of DC Comics. Therefore, there is great expectation and almost any word or gesture can be used against them. One of the most common things in recent years has been the creation of what is called “director’s cut”, where you can see the full film. These versions of the director have been quite controversial since it has caused great problems for the directors. In this case, Matt Reeves has had to go out and deny information about the age classification of his film about Batman.

Batman and Catwoman in the new movie

Batman and Catwoman in the new movie«There’s not going to be any director’s cut. there will only be one version«. These statements for the medium Den of Geek by Matt Reeves show that DC has learned from past mistakes and has ruled out that the bat movie is darker than it is. «The Batman is already a dark movie with many overtones of a thriller, so we don’t need it to have a version +18.“He’s also really glad he got the +13 rating so everyone can go see the movie. None of the previous Batman movies have been rated 18+ so we don’t expect, as dark as yeah, this happens. “There is nothing beyond what you are going to see on the screen in this version. I have not cut like crazy. »A new saga where we can see a totally new character. Robert Pattinson is going to be chosen this time and we will finally get rid of doubts about his performance.

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