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Photo by Mateusz Dach at Pexels The needs related to the use of the Internet in a professional way are increasing as we manage to achieve our personal goals. For example, when developing an online business or a means of communication, the greater the flow of people that enters, the greater the need to hire a good hosting service so that everything works correctly. After all, the internet is a place full of opportunities, but not especially second chances. Thus, if what you are looking for is to generate an adequate user experience, you should take into account leading brands such as Bluehost. Now, is it enough to be one of the most popular firms in the market or should other issues be taken into account? In the next article, we will focus on it.

What kind of hostings are available in the market?

First of all, it is worth clarifying that there are different types of hosting today. For example, for those who are just starting out, free hosting can be an excellent alternative, since it is often a factor that is not taken into account in the initial budget. However, as the project or business grows, these types of services become obsolete since they do not meet the necessary requirements: visit support, browsing speed, problem resolution. Thus, it is an alternative for the first time of a website, although with the knowledge that it must be replaced. On the other hand, the most popular of the alternatives is shared hosting, since it substantially improves the service provided by free hosting without the need to spend more money. Although there are serious and respected firms within this sector, a problem that can arise is the case of companies that take advantage and overload their service without taking into account the basic aspects of quality hosting. Finally, we find the VPS hostings, which are named after the acronym in English for Virtual Private Server and which refers to the rental of a server exclusively and virtually. It is usually the option for sites that have a lot of traffic 24 hours a day and that do not want to depend on the use or problems of other websites, having greater control over all possible variants and reducing any risk.
What should be taken into account when hiring a hosting servicePicture of Vojtech Okenka in pexels

What should be taken into account then?

Now that we know the different types of hosting available in the market, it is time to stop at what aspect must be fulfilled to have an adequate service for us. As we will see, that will be a bit more subjective than we think, because we can point out that the features of Bluehost, for example, are very good, but they are not necessarily the best for all customers. We will focus on this detail later. To begin with, it is necessary to highlight that when hiring a hosting company we will be entrusting it with valuable information about our project or business, so we should not be seduced by free immediately. As the saying goes: cheap can be very expensive. So the first big step is to search for and analyze the proposals on the market and find the one that best suits our needs. For example, many services are very good but very expensive as they offer useful additional services such as creating a web domain. That can be great if you’re starting from scratch, but for pages that already have their online journey, it can be an unnecessary extra expense. In conclusion: study your own needs first. Second, we must not forget that the market is updated all the time, so we must drive the value of our products through constant optimization. In the chaos of hosting, this can be thought of as the dynamic web: a type of site that will have different configurations and changing content, something that is becoming more prevalent these days. However, this entails more storage and maintenance needs, while a static website (fixed pages with content that does not vary) has much fewer requirements. Again, prioritize and know what your needs will be before spending too much money (or too little!). Something similar happens when thinking about hard drive capacity. The popular shared hostings tend to have less capacity in general terms, which can become a problem when we talk about websites that are constantly updated and that, in turn, load quality content such as videos or photographs. On the other hand, VPS hostings have more storage, but are more expensive. It can be an excellent investment for the future, but also an unnecessary waste at first.
Photo of Serpstat in Pexels Another frequent doubt usually has to do with the operating system of the hosting server: should it coincide with that of your personal computer? The answer is simple: no. In fact, it is known that some servers with certain operating systems work better for certain types of web pages. The case of Linux with WordPress is one of the most popular, for example. In addition, they are usually cheaper than those that use a Windows operating system, so it may be a factor that you want to take into account before starting. On the other hand, the ability to analyze data offered by the selected hosting should not be neglected, since it will be of great help to improve and refine the decisions you make with your website. Although this can be complemented with other tools, the best hosting companies often pay attention to data analysis to recommend certain actions. Last but not least, we will find the available bandwidth. The more content our web page has, the more space we will need on the server. This is usually one of the most frequent mistakes at the beginning: neglecting the speed, so the users who visit our page will find that everything works slow beyond their own internet connection. That slow loading speed is a bad user experience and, as we mentioned before, the dynamism of the internet does not help us find revenge with that potential client in the future.
General conclusions
So then, we have reviewed some general aspects to take into account. Without going any further, if comments from some leading companies are reviewed, some criticisms are based on ignoring their own needs. In the case of Bluehost reviews, which we have already referenced in this article, we found that their service is only in English, so it can be a problem for many users who want to handle the matter on their own without requiring the help of A professional. Our advice is that you take the necessary time to identify your needs and aspirations for your website, in order to hire the best possible service. The market related to the hosting sector is constantly growing, so you will find many more options than you imagine. Making the right decision at this point is starting your web adventure on the right foot.

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