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Deinis Villeneuve admits that the Harkonnen house will feature more in the Dune sequel.

dunes It was one of the premieres of last year, recalling the sensations among fans similar to the great premieres of movies and sagas such as Star Wars. Although its projection in theaters was expected like rain in May, it was not able to please everyone. Of course, Denis Villeneuve still has a second round left to achieve the approval of the fans. One of the great surprises that the film offered us was the participation of former fighter Dave Bautista as the Baron Glossu Rabban. This character is the nephew of ruthless Baron Harkonnena house and a name that shakes the ecosystem of the novel by Frank HerbertTherefore, in a recent interview in “Empire”, the North American director has promised “many more things from the universe based on the book”. Obviously when someone does an adaptation of a comic or a book he has to let go of a lot of the qualities of the less important characters or plotlines.

Dave Batista in Dune

«Since we finished shooting the first part I have already been thinking about how to face the second». These statements by Deinis show us that the director already knew what he was facing with this project. In the film we could see an introduction to the world of Dune, presenting most of the most relevant characters, but obviously, if we compare it with the books, many of the things that appeared in these were left untouched. If, as he says, everything is so well spun, we can taste a second part where we will enjoy the great explanation of the world created by Frank Herbert. At the end of the summer of this year, the sequel will begin recording, which is scheduled for October 2023.

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