Fri. Dec 8th, 2023

A quote included in the book “MAP BOOK 10th ANNIVERSARY“, which was published in the last quarter of 2021 as part of the tenth anniversary of the studies MAP in Japan, went viral after the animation director of Shingeki no Kyojin: The Final Season (Attack on Titan), Teruyuki Oomine, revealed on Twitter that he “had finally been able to go home after three days.” The quotation in question comes from the hand of Manabu OotsukaCEO of the company, who wrote: “We want the anime to be the most important thing, not the company name or brand. Anime titles are everything. It would be enough for people to know only our works, not MAPPA in particular».

The quote was taken with irony by the fan community, highlighting comments such as the following: «If your company is not able to make “Production Assistance” and “Animation Production” (on the other hand animators who are mostly freelancers and contract workers) happy and proud to work at MAPPA, then you will not be can believe anything».«In those who applaud this we can see someone sucking the dick of a good PR (in charge of public relations, that is, “the one who gives the word to consumers”), who clearly only cares about money and not health of your employees. But please, keep believing his lies, I want to see how far he goes…»«Yeah, putting anime on top by keeping people from going home for days and paying shit while doing it. I will never be excited about MAPPA being announced as a studio for a show until they fix their work schedule at the very least.».«Just smile and nod, you are facing a clear mental disorder».«The way people talk about MAPPA is a clear example of “toxic positivity”».«Of course, exploiting their employees and accepting wholesale projects to monopolize the industry… It sounds very believable… Of course, we don’t want MAPPA to be the name that is known… As if nobody in Zombieland Saga Revenge had realized that the name of MAPPA is as big as the series logo».«Please stop sucking Manabu Ootsuka’s cock. The passion and effort that most MAPPA productions have when they hit the screen and the kind of hellish work they go through to make their quality possible is not reflected through the mouth of the Director General. All he sees is money».«It’s 2022 and there are still people swallowing the words of a CEO as if they were true». Fountain: Twitter

By deepak yadav

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