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Grilled hake It is one of those dishes that leaves no one indifferent due to its flavor and above all because of the appetizing texture that it offers us at first glance. Everyone already knows that fish is a very important and necessary menu in our lives, since it contains nutritional value and proteins that no other basic food offers us. Today I bring you a recipe that is one of my favorites when it comes to seafood . It is a very exquisite grilled fish, a very common way of doing it even thousands of years ago, when our ancestors spent their days and nights cooking food over the fire with fish caught by hand. Today we will return to those times but in another way, we will do it the way we do today, with an electric iron.


1 teaspoon of lemon zest 4 hake fillets 1 or 2 teaspoons of thyme juice of half a lemon 2 teaspoons of extra virgin olive oil pepper and salt

Preparation of grilled hake

GRILLED HAKEWe start by checking that the hake is well thawed in case it was frozen when purchased. Normally this hake comes standard very clean and barely boneless, but in any case we make sure that there are no bones left.2. We prepare a dressing. And in a container add the lemon zest, the teaspoons of oil and the thyme. Mix everything well and spread the fish on both sides with the dressing.3. Add two tablespoons of olive oil to the already lit griddle so that when we put the fish in, it doesn’t stick. Once it is very hot, brown the fillets on both sides, flatten a little with a spoon or spatula on the sides.4. When they are well browned, we keep the hake on top of the griddle for approximately 2 minutes but with the griddle off, this way it will cook inside as well.5. Now, we remove the hake from the grill and add a little more of the oil dressing, pepper, salt and a little lemon juice.6. And that’s it, we can now enjoy this delicious grilled hake recipe. I usually accompany it with a good salad to taste, or another complement.

Let him take advantage of the hake, an exquisite fish

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