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There are many reasons that can make a certain cryptocurrency exchange eligible, that is why Today we bring you a brief summary of the most important advantages and aspects of one of the most booming platforms in the past year 2021 and that is emerging as a great option to make investments comfortably and safely in the crypto asset market. If in this year 2022 you want to enjoy security, speed and comfort when trading in the cryptocurrency marketstay until the end and discover how you can achieve it with one of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges today.

Go for it!

We are talking about the CoinEx exchange, a platform that serves as an exchange for the main cryptocurrencies today and a large number of digital assets associated with cryptography. It was born in 2017 and is headquartered in Hong Kong, the objective of the exchange CoinEx is offer access to these new technologies to the largest number of people in the world through a low-cost platform with low commissions and highly competitive by allowing up to 10,000 transactions per second.

What are some of the advantages of using CoinEx?

Multiple investment options: the platform offers a large number of trading options for both cryptocurrencies and currencies. It allows among its services, margin trading, perpetual contracts and spot trading.
Easy to use: With simple usability, the CoinEx platform has been created with the aim of empowering both experts and novices with the latest investment options in the most volatile and attractive financial market in history. Updated price charts at all times, a section of your account to view the status of your operations and a variety of alternate platforms to complement your strategy.
High level security: offers protection to data and assets within the system by implementing different security strategies such as multiple signatures and HTTPS, as well as double-factor authentication, in addition to guaranteeing 100% the total funds of each user by having a cold storage wallet to protect all the money of CoinEx users.
24/7 support: 24/7 customer support for over 200 countries in 16 different languages. Also available on Facebook, Telegram, Zalo and Medium platforms. Apart from a section of frequently asked questions that you can visit to clarify your doubts.
Low commissions: it does not charge any fees when depositing coins except BCH and Bitcoin withdrawals are as low as 0.00001 BTC. An important fact is that investors and holders of the native cryptocurrency of the platform called (CET) enjoy some discounts when executing internal operations.

Important CoinEx Numbers

Cryptocurrencies Listed:

464 (182.93% in 2021)

Registered users:

+3,000,000 users and continues to grow.

Available languages:

Support in more than 16 languages, including English, Portuguese, German, Korean, French, among others.

Constant Security Updates:

The security of the system, assets and transactions is taken into account.

Events on social networks:

CoinEx is always active on major broadcast networks offering $20,000+ rewards including platforms like Instagram +60k, Facebook +20k, Twitter +150k, Telegram +100k and Youtube +4k.

Global Expansion:

Platform available in +200 countries including a large amount of Latin American territory.

Rewards delivered last year:

+$4,500,000 including airdrops, mining, social media events, among others.

CoinEx ecosystem!

But this is not all since It has a broad ecosystem that includes other complementary platforms capable of improving the user experience in all aspects. Below is a brief explanation of all the platforms associated with CoinEx to offer the greatest number of services.

By having this variety of platforms at your disposal, the Coinex exchange seeks to offer added value to the user since you can find everything you need in one place, without a doubt a powerful ecosystem that has come to transform the cryptocurrency market.

To end

The exchange CoinEx can offer you everything you need whether you want to day trade, store your cryptocurrencies safely or make transfers with low commissions, apart from giving you the necessary structure to obtain profitability from cryptocurrency mining. This platform is presented as an option that can give you the possibility of carrying out a large number of actions in the cryptographic world. If you want to create an account on the CoinEx platform, visit the link below.


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