Fri. Dec 8th, 2023

New Year is a family holiday, from which we expect magic moments and a festive mood. Still, some of us lack imagination and have no idea how to decorate the house or the holiday table. And what is so interesting to come up with to make the New Year’s mood magical? 

  1. Start Decorating Your Accommodation on the First Day of December

Thus, your waiting for the New Year will be more exciting. After the holiday, don’t remove all the decorations at once. Let this spirit in your home for a while longer. For example, if you are against a living tree, you can make a Christmas tree, snowmen, and even Santa Claus out of balloons. Or buy a few dozen new years balloons and let them float under the ceiling, tying to their ribbons Christmas gifts. These balloons will stay floating for a long time, but the gifts should not be too bulky.

  1. Celebration Garland

A lot of good things got into your photos in the past year, and you might have forgotten about that. The last hours before the New Year can be spent on pleasant memories and relive the joy of those moments. It’s an excellent option to complete the garland with the outgoing year photos. Hang it on the wall or any other prominent place, and ask your guests to write a few wishes on them. 

  1. New Traditions

Coming up with a unique family tradition. It’s worth agreeing with everyone at home about what you’ll do each New Year’s Eve. For example, blow out the candles, sing the anthem with bells on, and make a snowman. 

  1. Prepare Home Masquerade

Carnival costumes are helpful not only for children’s matinees. Paint faces, put on masks, create your own image from improvised materials and try to guess who dressed up as who. 

  1. Tell Fortunes

There are a lot of ways to do this: bake Chinese fortune cookies, read the cards, coffee grounds, or wax. Fortune-telling signs can be taken both seriously and non-seriously. The main thing is to interpret them in a positive way and hope for the best.

  1. Set Off Fireworks

Stop looking at other people’s pyrotechnic fun shows. It’s more exciting to light firecrackers and launch fireworks yourself. It’s also a good excuse to get away from the New Year’s table and go out and hang out.

  1. Have a Snowball Fight

As soon as the supply of pyrotechnics runs out, you can remember your childhood and have a snowball fight. Divide into two teams, think of a name for them, stick ammunition, and get out of the trenches. A little exercise will also help prevent gaining weight after an extensive feast.

  1. Put Down the Time Capsule

Write a little letter about what you accomplished in the past year and your plans for the next. Put it in a box along with a couple of small things, stuff it away, and don’t open it until the next New Year. It will be interesting to compare your expectations and reality later.

  1. Prepare a New Year’s Message

Who says only world leaders can have a New Year’s Message to their people? Your loved ones probably have something to say, too. Let each of your dear ones prepare a five-minute speech and address the crowd.

  1.  Arrange a Puppet or Shadow Theater

You can make a screen with a blanket or a sheet. Small soft toys are suitable for the puppet theater and the shadow theater, and you need to cut silhouettes from paper. A lamp placed behind the screen will complete the simple construction. The kids will be delighted, and the adults can plunge back into their childhood.


All of these ways, of course, will help to spend the New Year ideally, but the most crucial thing will still be a warm family environment, love, being surrounded by loved ones, and hope for the best in the new coming year. 

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