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The video games industry has been constantly evolving for pretty much its entire lifespan. Whether it is the technology that underpins the games or the way in which the games are played, there has been a constant sense of evolution throughout history. However, one thing that has traditionally remained the same has been the player base. In recent times, though, there has been a shift in the driving force behind the trends in gaming. We’ll take a look at why adults are now the biggest factor in gaming trends. 

Combinations between adult pastimes and gaming

The fact that there has been a distinct blurring of the lines between adult pastimes and gaming is something that is often overlooked in terms of gaming trends. One big example of this is how modern casino games use video game-style features to make them more enjoyable. On top of this, there is esports betting, which operates in a similar manner to traditional sports betting. This means that adult players are able to combine two passions at the same time. 

An example of where this has been taken to a high level is in Finland. Here, esports betting facilities are provided in the same place as traditional sports at betting sites. So, you can find live odds for both at the same time. This means that fans of video games have the option to bet on esports – which they would be more knowledgeable about – instead of regular sports and will therefore get more enjoyment out of the experience while also having a better chance of success. 

Gamers growing up

One of the biggest aspects for gaming trends being driven by adult gamers is that the kids from previous generations who grew up with gaming are still gamers today. However, they no longer have to rely on their parents and relatives to purchase the games they want to play – they have their own disposable income which they can put towards getting the games that they want. This has had a huge impact on the direction that the gaming industry has taken. 

This is because when the previous generation grew up, they had the ability to create their own wealth. From here, they had the opportunity to spend their money however they liked. As a consequence, different forms of games were being purchased, which led to the gaming industry developing more games suited to adults, as more mature players were controlling how money was spent. 

This is a large part of why first-person shooter games and in-depth narrative games are two of the more popular game genres. The advent of online play also meant that players have the ability to compete with other people with greater ease. As adults don’t have to ask for permission to do this, they can get access to online games far more easily. 

A change in how games are consumed

This is another aspect that has had a significant impact on gaming trends. This has affected the market in two main ways. The first is that it has played a big part in female gamers being one of the biggest sectors of the industry. Because casual games on mobile are so popular now, the number of adult female gamers who play in this way is larger than many other sections of the market. This means that mobile games have had a major effect on how games are developed. 

One of the biggest ways in which this has affected the market is through microtransactions. Mobile games were some of the first games to use this function and were certainly the first games to use it in a wholesale way, and this has now spread to most forms of gaming. In our modern world, almost every game on the market will have some form of microtransaction in place. It doesn’t always have to work in the way that mobile games use this function, either. 

While some games will give players in-game benefits in the form of microtransactions, others will use it as a way to unlock other parts of the game. In the past, new areas of games would be unlocked by playing the game through and completing certain conditions. Now, downloadable content (DLC) can be unlocked simply by paying for it. This has changed the landscape of how games are created and has made it much easier for game companies to increase the revenue that they derive from each game. This is likely to be a trend that continues into the future for as long as games companies can make money from it. 

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