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free alternatives to photoshop

Everything in today’s date has a very different meaning, and all the credit goes to technology. In the previous days, it has been seen that people used to carry big heavy photograph albums where printed photographs existed for different movements. It had several drawbacks as a person would have to print every photograph and limited storage. Technology allowed people to capture photographs digitally and store them digitally as well. But people give you a lot more ambition to make sure that all the photographs you click on could look a lot better. For this reason, photo editing apps exist.


One of the most popular photo editing apps which are used by several people all around the World is Photoshop. This application is developed by Adobe and is home to several designers and amateur photographers as well. Making sure that back please is a photo editing heaven for most people. But with the growing competition, people lookout for a different alternative to Photoshop as well. People can get using photoshop online with its functional alternatives.

1. Snapseed 

One of the most popular photo-editing applications that have great features is snapseed. This application is very accessible as it is available for both Android and IOS users. Comparing it with the functionality of Adobe Photoshop, this photo editing application provides great features to help people, and it photographs professionally on their mobile phone itself. This application is equipped with several features and benefits for which it is locked by several people all around the world. More than 100 million people have downloaded app seeds and have given it great views as well. The application is very functional and has great features, expected from a good photo editing application. So if you are looking forward to editing your photographs and making sure that they are perfect, you should check out snapseed. 

2. Bunnypic

A bunny pic is talking about an application that would not occupy any space on your mobile phone but providing you with amazing usability right from its website pic. This application is one of the most functional tools which is used by several people all around the World to edit photographs. Whenever people look forward to an alternative to Photoshop, they look out for Photoshop’s several features to its users. Surprisingly, this photo editing portal provides amazing features and photo editing tools that allow a person to edit a photo professionally. With easy functionality and simple navigation, it becomes a lot more simple for people to add their photographs without any complex method. The application is completely user-friendly, making it a perfect alternative to Photoshop.

3. Adobe lightroom 

Adobe is known to be the heaven for several photo and video editors all around the world. An application developed by Adobe, it is considered a very functional alternative to Photoshop Adobe lightroom. This is one of the most prominent user-friendly applications people can use to edit a photograph to create professional edits. This application is unique because it has several different processes that allow people to add instant edits without getting into many technical aspects. If you are a person who is new to photo editing should try out Adobe Lightroom as its usability will help you edit amazing photographs. 

4. Pixart 

Talking about the alternative to Photoshop, PicsArt is considered one of the most prominent and promising alternatives to Photoshop when it is talked about features and usability. This Application is truly unique, and it has great features to help any person edit photographs on a professional level. This application has several other filters and presets to make sure that anyone can edit their photographs very simply without much difficulty. So this application can provide you with great functionality and amazing usability to ensure you have the perfect alternative for Photoshop.

5. VSCO 

If you have an application as functional as Photoshop with additional features then, it is considered a very wise alternative. VSCO is a unique alternative to Photoshop as it allows a person to edit both photographs and videography on the same platform. VSCO is a very useful application that people can use to edit their photographs as an alternative to Photoshop. It has great tools and amazing features to help you have professional edits with this well-functional application. 

These five applications and photo editing websites are considered the most functional alternative to photographing that a person finds over the internet. These alternatives are functional and provide great features to make sure they have the potential of Photoshop.

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