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Lauren German has been one of the main roles in the Netflix series Lucifer for 5 seasons. Showrunners couldn’t find a better actress than this to play Chloe Decker. Indeed, she has already proven in the past that she excelled in this kind of role.


Taking someone who has always been used to playing a member of the police force to play a similar role might make sense. Yet not all producers think about it. This is not the case with those at the head of the project with Tom Ellis and Lesley-Ann Brandt.

Because yes, Lauren German has always had the habit of playing in detective series. Our colleagues from Vader also recalling his career to prove it. If you didn’t know, before she starred in the Netflix Project, she also had a prominent place in Chicago Fire.

As a reminder, this series is broadcast on NBC. And in seasons 1 and 2, Lauren German-made several appearances there. The media initially making it known: “In seasons 1 and 2 of NBC’s Chicago Fire, Lauren German played Leslie Shay”

Leslie Shay is a paramedic in Ambulance 61 in Firehouse 51. Although Leslie is a beloved character on the show, she was killed at the end of Season 2. By a man who harassed her, Adrian Gish (Robert Knepper).

Most of the time, when a character dies, it often happens at the request of the actor who wants new horizons. But not for the Netflix actress. Vader explaining in fact: “The departure of the actress from Chicago Fire is the result of the death of her character in the project.”

Before adding: “Interestingly, it wasn’t Lauren German who wanted to leave the program. This is a choice of the writers. It should be noted that she also starred in Chicago PD in 2014.”


As you may have read a little above, his presence in Chicago PD allowed him one thing. To have experience as a “cop” in a project. And this experience is not the only one. Indeed, it also held a place in Hawaii Five-O.

Another detective series giving even more credit to her role in the Netflix project: “In addition to Chicago Fire, the actress was in some chapters of the second season of the detective series Hawaii Five-0”.

For those who don’t know, she played the role of Lori Weston. After that, she continued her career in an apocalyptic film, “The Divide”. In which she played the role of Eva. This being one of the rare survivors after a series of nuclear explosions.

This is why, with these many roles under her belt, we can think that Lauren German could not fill the role of Chloe Decker better than any other. And for 5 seasons, his acting and the public’s love for him have proven it.

Because yes, he is one of the most popular characters in the Netflix series. Of course, Tom Ellis, Lesley-Ann Brandt, or even DB Woodside also occupy an important place in the hearts of the public. But Chloe Decker is still one of the most loved.

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