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The fans have been interested in how the story of Mike, Dustin, Elfi & Co. continues for months. The last season went online over two years ago! Unfortunately, the filming of “Stranger Things” season 4 had to be paused and postponed again and again due to the corona pandemic. The actors and the entire crew are still in the middle of filming. Completion and post-processing will therefore take a few more months. There is a small chance that season 4 of “Stranger Things” will come out later this year. However, a release in early 2022 is more likely. But one thing can definitely be said: The wait for the new season will definitely be worth it! Caleb McLaughlin, who has played the role of Lucas Sinclair on “Stranger Things” since 2016, has now dropped that season 4 should be much more blatant than the previous three seasons!

Stranger Things Star Talks Season 4!

“Stranger Things” actor Caleb McLaughlin alias Lucas revealed in an interview how ” insane ” should be the new season of the Netflix series. But what should change? The storyline should be much more violent, brutal, and scary. “The new season will definitely be different from all other seasons. I’m so excited to see how people will find it and what they have to say about it. As I talk about it, I think about what we shot and just think, ‘Wow. Nobody knows what’s coming. This is crazy, ‘” said Caleb.

“Stranger Things” season 4: what can we expect?

What else do we know about season 4 of “Stranger Things”? There should be twelve new characters in the new season. One of them is, for example, Jamie Campbell Bower. Perhaps you know him from “Chronicles of the Underworld – City of Bones”. There he played the lead role in the fantasy/action film alongside Lily Collins. In “Stranger Things” he will act as Peter Ballard. A caring nurse in a mental hospital. Does this come full circle with the other special children like Elfi? We now know that Elfi has several siblings, i.e. like-minded people with special skills. Thanks to the trailer from Netflix that has already been released, we also know that in the new season 4 we will find out more about Elfi’s past and the experiments in the laboratory. So will Peter look after the other special people with psychic abilities? And does the hated character Dr. Brenner back?

“Stranger Things”: Will there be a 5th season?

Matt and Ross Duffer, the directors and writers of “Stranger Things” have already revealed that season 4 will not be the last! There should actually be a 5th season of the Netflix series. The pandemic has given the brothers more time to go through and expand on one point or another in the story. We are of course very pleased! In a fifth season, some of the main characters would then be of legal age. Will the story of Elfi, Max, Mike, Dustin, Lucas and Will continue to be told when they reach adulthood? Or will the focus be on a new generation? Will, it still be the Mind Flayer and the insidious scientists go? We’ll be surprised!

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