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From the first photographs of Lucifer 6 published by TVLine, we have the certainty that detective Daniel Espinosa will return to the set

After announcing the date of the sixth and final season, Lucifer showed off another ace in the hole, giving fans some first images from the set. So much hype is given by the return of a character that we actually greeted in season 5B. You already know who we are talking about, right? Well yes: it seems that Daniel Espinosa will still haunt our small screens a little. From the first sneak peek photograph reported by TVLine, Chloe’s ex-husband appears during an investigation by Amenadiel, who we can finally admire in the police uniform (which, let’s face it, looks fabulous).

While Lucifer’s brother is busy interrogating an elderly woman in what appears to be his backyard, Daniel also sits behind him, observing the scene with undisguised sadness. However, Amenadiel does not seem to have noticed that presence behind him. What can this mean? That Daniel probably acts as a mentor from a distance, assisting him during this new experience but from afar?

Daniel’s return in Lucifer’s sixth season was actually no mystery. The actor who played beloved Detective Douche for five seasons, Kevin Alejandro, had previously told TVLine that the writers had decided to involve him anyway. Daniel’s death was scripted in Season 5, which everyone believed was the last. When Netflix then gave the go-ahead for a sixth and final season, the author’s Joe Henderson and Idy Modrovich wanted to run for cover. Kevin Alejandro specified:

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Dan returns to Lucifer 6.

Many will have shed tears on Daniel’s grave along with Chloe and Trixie. The good news is that, according to Kevin Alejandro, Detective Espinosa will find a way back into the lives of his loved ones, or at least try. And the new photograph reported by TVLine also helps us to imagine how it will do it. At the end of season 5B, Lucifer and Amenadiel fear that Daniel has gone to hell. Will it really be like this?

Kevin Alejandro, regarding his involvement in season six, told TVLine:


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