Fri. Mar 1st, 2024

The news comes exclusively from Variety : Netflix and Lucifer showrunner and executive producer Joe Henderson are planning to make a live action TV series about Pokémon .

The newspaper obtained this information from some of its sources. Currently it seems that the project is still only at the initial stage. For this reason, no plot details have been made public. What seems certain is the involvement of Henderson , free from commitments with Lucifer , who will conclude his story on September 10 with the 6 season, in the script and in the production.

Also according to what is reported by the sources of Variety, the show should be similar to the film Detective Pikachu . The film, starring Ryan Reynolds and Justice Smith , was released in 2019. Recall that there has also often been talk of a possible sequel to the film, even if according to Smith this will not happen. The newspaper tried to contact both Netflix and Joe Henderson to have a confirmation about the live action series on Pokémon . However, no response has yet been received from their representatives.

Not only in recent years the streaming Colossus has dedicated a lot of space to anime, but it has also made home to several products related to the Pokémon universe , such as Pokemon: Indigo League and Pokemon Journeys , for example. In addition, other live action projects are close to release , including the most anticipated Cowboy Bebop and One Piece .

As for Joe Henderson , on the other hand, in addition to dealing with the live action TV series on Pokémon , he is currently also working on another project for Netflix . We are talking about Shadecraft .

We therefore await confirmation from Grande N. If a similar project is really in the works, the platform will soon be promoting it on all its social channels. It would be a series that would surely attract a large audience, given the impact that Pokémon still have on audiences around the world. In addition to live action, there are also new themed video games, exclusive to Nintendo Switch.

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