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Amazon has renewed Invincible for a 2 season, but also for a third. Before knowing the details of the new unreleased episodes that tell the story of the superhero, let’s try to understand when it comes out.

Given the early renewal, we still can’t say when the Invincible 2 season comes out. Although this is not an actor series, the complications caused by COVID have also affected the production of animated content. It is therefore unclear how the current situation will impact Season 2.

Invincible was announced in 2018, and the episodes of the first season then debuted in April 2022. We do not know a certain release date for the 2 seasons, but this could arrive in streaming, not before the second half of 2022.

Invincible 2 Season Storyline

The Invincible series was created by Robert Kirkman, based on the Skybound / Image comics of the same name signed by Kirkman, Cory Walker, and Ryan Ottley. The original story is divided into twenty-five books, which ideally will inspire the plot of the next seasons.

But what is Invincible 2 season about? The first season chronicled the process of acquiring the powers of Mark Grayson, son of the defender of the Earth, Omiman. When the boy discovers that his father is actually on the planet to conquer him and count him in the Viltrumia Empire, he has to contend with him.

The former superhero has in fact revealed himself ready to conquer the planet, although love for his son stopped him in a dramatic moment, after taking the lives of thousands of human beings. The powerful alien has in fact blocked his killer, disappearing into the cosmos. So it remained to Invincible, or Mark, the task of defending the earth from other enemies, which could potentially destroy it.

Mark and the team of the new Guardians of the Globe will therefore have to contend with the threat of the Feltrumites, but also with many other enemies. As soon as anticipations on the plot of the 2 seasons of Invincible are available we will update this section.

During ComicCon @ Home, Robert Kirkman talked about Invincible season 2. In fact, he wanted to talk about how he will continue to address the relationship between the TV series and the original comic:

The show will go as season 1 did. In the future sometimes we will get closer to the comic and at other times we will drift away. We are planning to transpose the entire comic in an excellent way. We want to change things in a big way, as we did with the fight between Invincible and Omni Man in the first season.

Invincible is the ideal series for those who can no longer wait for the episodes of the 3 seasons of The Boys. In fact, the plot is full of superheroes, and the splatter tints of the story unite the two series, both original Prime Video.

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