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The star-studded sci-fi series “Solos” has started on Amazon Prime Video. But will there also be a second season? We know more about it.

In the sci-fi anthology series “Solos” on Amazon Prime Video, big stars like Oscar winners Morgan Freeman, Anne Hathaway, and Helen Mirren appear in one of the approximately 30-minute episodes. But will the Amazon series also have a second season?

“Solos” was announced by Amazon as a season mini-series. That speaks against an extension of the show in principle, but in the past, there are also several examples of miniseries that are still extended after great success – such as the HBO show “Big Little Lies” with Nicole Kidman.

“Solos” series creator David Weil is at least open to the idea of ​​a second season.

When does “Solos” season 2 Release?

In the US, “Solos” release on May 21, 2022, on Amazon Prime Video. If the streaming service now decides to continue, the new episodes from season 2 could appear from spring 2022.

The plot of “Solos” Season 2.

Each of the 7 episodes from “Solos” season 1 revolved around a new character in a different sci-fi setting. This concept should be continued in the second season of “Solos”.

Fresh performers will therefore embody new characters who in turn experience monologue-heavy adventures that reflect human experience in a high-tech near future.

“Solos” series creator David Weil explains about a possible 2nd season: “I think [the episodes] will again all revolve around the nuances, the intimacy, and immediacy of humanity.” the series creator promises “great science fiction ideas” for season 2 of his anthology series.

Is there a trailer for “Solos” season 2?

So far there are neither photos nor videos for the second season of “Solos”. Should that change, you can of course find the teaser and trailer here?

Cast and production of “Solos” Season 2.

In the second season of “Solos”, viewers will experience a whole new line of actors. Season 1 already has a number of high-profile actors with the Oscar winners mentioned above and other big stars such as Anthony Mackie, known from the Marvel series ” The Falcon and The Winter Soldier “.

This is also not surprising, since the wonderfully written individual episodes, which are often chamber plays, offer a wonderful opportunity for actors to exhibit all of their art. The anthology format is also appealing because it is relatively uncomplicated for actors: they only have to appear in an episode of around 30 minutes in length and can then turn to other projects.

For all these reasons, the second season of “Solos”, should it come, will probably attract a whole range of actors and famous faces again. But nothing has been officially confirmed here.

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