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In the long line of renewals announced by The CW in January 2020, which included Riverdale, Legacies, All American, In the Dark, Dynasty, Nancy Drew, Charmed, and the whole Arrowverse, Roswell New Mexico also appeared: season 3 would see the light. Unlike most of the shows mentioned, however, the reboot had not yet returned to TV with season 2, so the network, despite having already seen some episodes, did not know how the audience would respond to the new chapter. Why, then, proceed in this way, which some might even define risky? The choice of the network had been well explained by the president Mark Pedowitz, who had declared, as reported by Deadline:

These early orders for new seasons give our production teams a bit of a head start in tracing story arcs and hiring staff, and this also gives us a solid foundation of already started and loved shows on which to build. next season. We were delighted with the creative directions of the three new shows and while we are still in the early stages of the new streaming strategy, which allows viewers to catch up with our new titles from the beginning, we are already seeing incredibly positive results from the audience of the various platforms for Nancy Drew and Batwoman.

To all this, moreover, was added the attempt of The CW to prepare in some way for the strike of the writers that could have taken place on the occasion of the renegotiation of the contracts. As for the advances on the plot of the Roswell New Mexico 3 season, we can tell you that the new cycle opens with a time jump of about a year.

Liz and Rosa find themselves in Los Angeles, while Max is totally engrossed in whatever activities the town has to offer him. Together with Isobel and Michael, he also tries to understand if he can consider the stranger aesthetically equal to him an ally or an enemy. Finally, after leaving Roswell to take care of the Shepard project, Alex returns to town.

Roswell New Mexico 3 season release date

That said, what is the Roswell New Mexico 3 season release date? The new chapter airs on July 26, 2022. The CW had chosen to start the television season in January 2022. We knew the debut wasn’t going to fall straight away in the first four weeks of the year. The network had scheduled the 3 × 01 for the mid-season, which for The CW began in late spring, given the postponed start of the entire television season.

Number and duration of episodes

The first two seasons consist of 13 episodes each and theoretically also for the third, The CW should have stabilized on the same figure. The duration is always around 45 minutes. The new titles will always be song names, as it was previously:

  • First episode Roswell New Mexico 3 × 01 streaming: Hands
  • Second episode Roswell New Mexico 3 × 02 streaming: Give Me a Reason
  • Third episode Roswell New Mexico 3 × 03 streaming: Black Hole Sun
  • Fourth episode Roswell New Mexico 3 × 04 streaming: Walk on the Ocean
  • Fifth episode Roswell New Mexico 3 × 05 streaming: Killing Me Softly with His Song
  • Sixth episode Roswell New Mexico 3 × 06 streaming: Bitter Sweet Symphony
  • Seventh episode Roswell New Mexico 3 × 07 streaming: Goodnight Elizabeth
  • Eighth episode Roswell New Mexico 3 × 08 streaming: Free Your Mind
  • Ninth episode Roswell New Mexico 3 × 09 streaming: Tones of Home
  • Tenth episode Roswell New Mexico 3 × 10 streaming: Angels of the Silences
  • Eleventh episode Roswell New Mexico 3 × 11 streaming: 2 Become 1
  • Twelfth episode Roswell New Mexico 3 × 12 streaming: UPDATING

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