Fri. Mar 1st, 2024

Almost a decade after the controversial ending of ” Dexter, ” the most famous killer on television is set to return. In the fall, Showtime will premiere a ninth season that will consist of ten episodes and will be set almost ten years after it was seen at the close of the original broadcast.

The show headed by Michael C. Hall will once again have its main protagonist, as well as the showrunner who saw him born, Clyde Phillips. The executive promised a lot of violence in this return that seems to have Dexter removed from a life as a criminal. In fact, Phillips promised, “This is ‘ Dexter .’ People are going to die ”.

One of the actors who will join this return of ” Dexter ” will be Daviv Maginoff. As reported, the actor will play Teddy, a police officer from the Iron Lake department. Although he is described as “someone good, hardworking, eager to please, and fearful of his superior, Police Chief Angela Bishop,” he can also be “tough” when necessary.

In an interview with Deadline, the brand new addition of ” Dexter ” promised that the next installment of the show was going to be “very satisfying. ” In this context, he stressed that this was going to be the sensation especially for those who had seen the original fiction. On the other hand, he highlighted how “great” it is to work with Hall.

Those who return

Although at first it was speculated that the only actor from the original cast who would return to ” Dexter ” was going to be Michael C. Hall, with time star appearances began to be confirmed. So far there are two artists known to be part of the cast: Jessica Carpenter and John Lithgow. In addition, for a few days, it has been rumored that CS Lee also joins after he was seen accompanied by showrunner Clyde Phillips.

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