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One of the most anticipated series by movie lovers is “The Offer”, which will focus on the story behind “The Godfather” and how one of the most important works in the history of the film was carried out. industry. Developed by Paramount +, it will consist of ten episodes and continues to search for its members.

Deadline confirmed today who will be the actor who will be the protagonist of the film directed by Francis Ford Coppola. The director was in charge of adapting this trilogy inspired by the work of Mario Puzzo which, to this day, is considered one of the best sagas that could be enjoyed on the big screen.

Anthony Ippolito was chosen by the series’ directors to play Al Pacino. The protagonist of “The Godfather” was twice nominated by the Academy thanks to the work he did since the 70s. The main actor of the show will be Miles Teller, who was chosen to give life to Al Ruddy, producer of the film, whose memoirs they will serve as inspiration to the plot.

Nikki Toscano will be the showrunner of this series inspired by the trilogy of “The Godfather” in the company of Michael Tolkin. On the other hand, the beginning will be directed by Dexter Fletcher, known for his work on “Rocketman.” On the side of Ippolito, his last great work was in “Grand Army”, Netflix fiction.

When Did Filming Begin

Still without official images, “The Offer” announced with a small teaser that on July 12 began filming. The fiction about the creation of the film ” The Godfather ” has not yet defined its release date but could see the light only in 2022. The cast will be composed of Matthew Goode as Robert Evans, Dan Fogler as Francis Ford Coppola, Burn Gorman as Charles Bluhdorn, Colin Hanks as Barry Lapidus, Giovanni Ribisi as Joe Colombo, Justin Chambers as Marlon Brando, and Juno Temple as Bettye McCartt.

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