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Many fans are wondering: when does The Crown 5 season come out? But since filming has not started yet, it is impossible to know the release date of the fifth. Thanks to Deadline, however, we have learned that the 5 seasons will be released in streaming in 2022.

The production has decided, in fact, to take a break in view of the final cast change. Variety revealed that filming would start in July, but according to Vanity Fair, production began at Elstree Studios in north London in late June. Therefore, less and less the first take is missing. Obviously, we will keep you updated as soon as we know more.

Plot and Previews

Thanks to the Vogue UK site we have some previews of the plot of the new season of The Crown. First of all, we know this will no longer be the last season of the TV series. Creator Peter Morgan initially envisioned a total of six seasons for the show, but once work began on Season 5, he realized that the story would end perfectly with those ten episodes. Going forward with the drafting, however, he then decided to retrace his steps, with the support of Netflix.

Seasons of The Crown covered different periods in the Queen’s life. The first two tell of youth and marriage with Philip of Edinburgh, until the birth of their last child. Playing the role of the young Elizabeth II was Claire Foy, who with her performance also won a Golden Globe for Best Actress, and was highly acclaimed by critics. In the third season, Olivia Colman took his place, keeping him also in the fourth, not disappointing the expectations of the fans at all.

What is The Crown 5 Season About?

According to Vogue UK, the new season of the TV series should cover the 90s, as season 4 ended in 1990, with the resignation of Margaret Thatcher, which was followed by the appointment of John Major as Prime Minister. A rather difficult moment for the Queen, especially 1992, which she defined as her annus horribilis.

The decade in question also includes Lady Diana’s tragic demise, which will be addressed in season five, as well as her impact on the royal family. According to the first advances, the famous interview that Lady D released on the BBC Panorama program in 1995 will return to the new episodes, during which she publicly accused Camilla Parker Bowles of the end of her marriage. “There were three of us in this wedding, so it was a bit crowded,” he declared.

Another story that fans are hoping to see on the small screen is also the one between Prince William and Kate Middleton during the university period. However, with the confirmation that there will also be the sixth season, it could be part of the final chapter, which should cover the 2000s. Of course, we will discover more details on the plot only later.

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